Wed Apr 01 2015   
Admissions Office

Transparency: Critical Questions, Candid Answers


When making a decision about law school, you should get tough.  Ask the hard questions. Be impertinent. Demand information.


We want to give you the information you need and -- when it comes to your future -- you deserve nothing less.  That's why Arizona Law has long been a leader in educational transparency.

We know that the decision to go to law school is not an easy one today. Law school represents a significant investment of your time and your resources, and the last few years have witnessed a very challenging employment environment for new graduates. Here, you can:



We want each of you to have information you need to make a thoughtful decision in light of today's economic environment, career objectives, and personal circumstances. (Every law school you are considering can make the same data available to you, though you may need to specifically request it.)


Please let us know what other information you need to make this important decision.  Contact the Admissions team at 520-621-3477 or

Updated: 02/24/2014