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Alumni and Development


Scholarships help assure that the educational and professional opportunities that launched more than 7,000 lives in the law will be available to qualified students in years to come. It has become increasingly important for Arizona Law to raise funds to offset the rising costs of legal education to help us attract and educate the talented, engaged students who will be well-prepared to accept the mantle of professional and community leadership.




Private gifts are increasingly important, as the costs of professional education have risen dramatically even as public sector support has declined. More than ever, we rely on your help to fulfill our promise to students and the legal profession. I hope you will take every possible chance to tell others about the many ways that scholarship gifts can be made, and the enduring reward of helping students launch their lives in the law.

For more information about the scholarships available at the College of Law, or about starting a scholarship, please contact Janet Brauneis, Assistant Dean, 520-626-3056 or via email at


Law CommonsThe Law Commons

In May 2007, the College of Law began construction to recreate and transform the main law building, the library, the three large outside classrooms, and the courtyard and patio areas. Just fifteen months later, we came "home," on time and on budget. The result is the Law Commons, 117,000 square feet of stunningly renovated and productive space, centered around our students and reflective of the new ways in which they learn, study, and collaborate.

The Law Commons was made possible by the extraordinary generosity of individuals and groups who understand our mission. Current students, faculty, and staff, joined by alumni and friends who have provided financial and consulting support for the Law Commons, have together created a space that will serve many generations of law students, our alumni, and the public.


For details about the project, the people who made it possible, and the ways you can continue to help us deliver outstanding legal education in a transformed Arizona Law, please contact Nancy Stanley, Assistant Dean, 520-621-8430, or via email at


Create an Endowment

Endowment funds provide a constant source of income over time, with which Arizona Law can assist students through scholarships. Unlike other gifts, which are expended for short-term needs, gifts for an endowment are invested and the principal is held in perpetuity. Scholarship endowments can be named after a mentor, a family member, a corporation, or a non-profit entity and are administered by the College.


Make a Planned Gift to Support Students

One of the best ways to leave a legacy is to leave a legacy of opportunity. A planned gift can take the form of a simple bequest, a gift annuity contract, or a more complex trust arrangement that frequently provides tangible benefits to the donor, as well as the recipient.


For information on how to make an endowed gift or legacy gifts and other giving opportunities at the James E. Rogers College of Law, contact Nancy Stanley, Assistant Dean, 520-621-8430, or via email at



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