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Law Library and Information Technology Programs and FacilitiesAs the College grows in national and international stature, it must modernize and improve its library information technology capabilities. In order to keep abreast of emerging technologies, and other changes in legal knowledge and practice, our alumni will need retooling of the College's needs. To do this we require community support and announce a new program - Amici Legis Libris - to gather this support.

If you are a user of the law library and/or a book lover, please support the library by joining Amici Legis Libris, a "friends of the law library" organization. For more information about Amici Legis Libris, please click on the link below.

Amici Legis Libris

Make the University of Arizona College of Law Library your own by becoming a member of Amici Legis Libris. This friends organization is dedicated to providing support to the important mission of the U of A Law Library. Along with its support of the faculty and students, the Law Library serves the legal research needs of our state and region.

Your support through Amici Legis Libris is essential to continuing the U of A Law Library's ability to deliver its customary high level of service to the University, the College of Law, the legal community, Arizona public and YOU. Responsive, high-quality library service requires a comprehensive, up-to-date collection of legal materials, an experienced and highly qualified staff and a technological infrastructure capable of fast and accurate information retrieval and dissemination.

By joining Amici Legis Libris you can help us maintain the Law Library's purchasing power, which has been eroded by double-digit inflation of book prices and dwindling state support.

All Amici Legis Libris members will be acknowledged on a plaque in the Law Library.

To join Amici Legis Libris - complete and return this application form.

Services Available to Alumni and Friends

The College hopes to strengthen support for the Law Library to meet escalating costs of library acquisitions and technological change. If you are a user of the Law Library and/or a book lover, please consider joining Amici Legis Libris, a "friends of the library" organization.

If it has been a while since you last did research at the Law Library, you may be surprised by what you will find. We serve as the defacto regional public law library for the local legal community and general public. While service to students and faculty of the College of Law is our primary mission, we do our best to meet the Pima County Bar's research needs.

One way we do this is to make new electronic resources available whenever possible. Here are a few of an increasing array of electronic publications available on-site at the Law Library:

KeyCite - This service is a new competitor to Shepard's Citations. We recently purchased two subscriptions for the exclusive use of our public patrons.

Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe - Think of this as Lexis-Lite. It accesses the complete library of Lexis cases and statutes, as well as selective law reviews and other Nexis publications. There are certain search limitations, but it meets most legal research needs.

Congressional Universe - This offers electronic indexing, abstracting and searching of all federal legislative history, as well as the full text of bills and committee hearings, reports, and prints beginning in 1994. The U.S.C.S. and Code of Federal Regulations are also available.

BNA loose leaf services - We will soon provide electronic access to over a dozen BNA publications. These services allow you to download to disc or print.

Other public services offered by the law library

  1. With a valid bar card, you may check out our growing selection of printed materials (primarily single volume treatises). Paralegals, legal secretaries and clerks may use materials in our library but may not check them out.
  2. The IKON Copy Center is responsible for all regular printing and photocopying services at the Law College.It provides on-site photocopy services, binding, laminating and printing on a wide variety of paper and cardstock. For a fee, they offer a document delivery service (via fax or mail) of requested cases or statutes. However, neither reference librarians nor Legal Express can provide legal research.The IKON Copy Center is located in the basement of the Law College in the southeast corner of the Student Lounge.

    Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5p.m.

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