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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Event: Registration/Clinics Information Session Part 2

 1L and 2L Students:  Presentations from professors supervising the listed clinics:


Indigenous Peoples Law Clinic (Robert Hershey)

Immigration Law Clinic (Lynn Marcus/Nina Rabin)

International Rights Advocac Workshop (Seanna Howard/Rob Williams)

UN Special Rapporteur support Team Workshop (Jim Anaya/Lenny Alvarado)

Tribal Courts Clinic (Ray Austin)

Veteran's Advocacy Law Clinic (Paul Bennett)

Child and Family Law Clinic (Paul Bennett)

Civil Rights Restoration Clinic (Andy Silverman)

AZ Attorney General Clinic (Michael Jette/Kim ortiz)

Location: Room 164


12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Event: Program in Criminal Law & Policy: Jeffrey Fagan, Prof. of Law & Epidemiology, Columbia University

 The Program in Criminal Law & Policy Speaker Serices is pleased to welcome Jeffrey Fagan, Professor of Law and Epidemiology at Columbia University, and the Director of the Center for Crime, Community and Law at Columbia Law School.  His research and scholarship examines policing, the legitimacy of the criminal law, capital punishment, and neighborhoods and crime. 

Professor Fagan will be discussion current litigation on 'Proactive Policing' in New York. Earlier this year, a federal judge ruled a key part of the NYPD's controversial 'Stop and Frisk' tactic unconstitutional and a major class action lawsuit challenging the Department's use of the warrantless stops in high-crime neighborhoods goes to Federal Court this week.

This event is open to everyone and CLE credit will be available to AZ attorneys.  

 Please visit the PCLP blog for more information


Location: Room 188