Sat Mar 28 2015   
J.D. with Advanced Standing


Option to Switch to a Traditional Three-Year Track

Students in the Advanced JD Program for non-US lawyers are not required to graduate in less than three years. This means that JD students who enter through the Advanced JD Program may stay on for another semester or year.


The accelerated tracks give students the option of graduating in a shortened time frame, which is what most students in the Advanced JD Program decide to do. However, most students do not extend their time in the Program because they find that the Advanced JD Program is enough to lay the foundation to pass the bar exam and have successful careers as US lawyers based on their non-US legal training, LLM, and/or often significant practice experience.


Students in the Advanced JD Program wishing to study at Arizona Law for three years might also consider pursuing a dual degree, such as a JD/MBA, which they can complete in only three years.


Updated: 10/24/2013