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College Offices

Dean's Office

Marc L. Miller
Dean & Ralph W. Bilby Professor of Law
Office Phone: (520) 621-1498
Office Number: 273
E-mail: marc.miller@law.arizona.edu

Mary W. Steed
Executive Assistant
Office Phone: 520.621.1498
Fax 520.626.2050
Email: marywsteed@email.arizona.edu


Academic Affairs

Noora Balooshi
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Office Phone: (520) 626-6054
Office Number: 275
E-mail: noorab@email.arizona.edu

Kirsten H. Engel
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Charles A. Ares Professor of Law
E-mail: engel@law.arizona.edu
Office Number: 249
Office Phone: (520) 621-5444



Sally Rider
Associate Dean for Administration and Chief of Staff, and
Director, William H. Rehnquist Center
Office Phone: (520) 626-1637
Office Number: 267
E-mail: rider@email.arizona.edu


Admissions and Financial Aid

Bianca Mack
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
(520) 621-7666
Email: bmack1@email.arizona.edu

Mimi Huang
Director of Admissions
(520) 621-9949
Email: mimihuang@email.arizona.edu

Katie Beringson
Admissions Coordinator and Counselor
(520) 621-8728
Email: kberingson@email.arizona.edu

Keyshia Conner
Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
(520) 626-1832
Email: kconner@email.arizona.edu


Advancement and Alumni Relations

Jonelle Vold
Senior Director of Development
Office Phone:  (520) 626-1330
Office Number:  Rountree Hall 106
E-mail:  jhv@email.arizona.edu

Nancy Stanley
Assistant Dean for Advancement
Office Phone: (520) 626-9223
Office Number: 201A
E-mail: nstanley@email.arizona.edu

Kelly Holt
Director of Development
Office Phone:  (520) 621-1285
Office Number:  Rountree Hall 209
E-mail:    holtk@email.arizona.edu

Marissa White
Alumni Coordinator
Office Phone: (520) 626-8132
Office Number: Rountree Hall 108
E-mail: mwhite@email.arizona.edu

Nickole Hayward
Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (520) 621-4996
E-mail: nhayward@email.arizona.edu


Career Development

Karen Kowalski
Assistant Dean for Career Development
Office Phone: (520) 621-6107
Office Number: 144D
E-mail: kkowalski@email.arizona.edu

Leah Won
Director, Career Development
Office Phone: (602) 256-4443
Email: leahwon@email.arizona.edu

Virginia Clarke
Director, Judicial Clerkships & Professional Development
Office Phone:  (520) 626-5011
Office Number:  144F
E-mail: vclarke@email.arizona.edu

Michael Brooks
Career Counselor
Office Phone: (520) 626-7893
Office Number: 144E
E-mail: brooks@email.arizona.edu


Finance and Administration

Kelly Moyes
Director of Finance and Administration
Office Phone:  (520) 621-3783
Office Number:  201H
E-mail: kmoyes@email.arizona.edu 


Global Programs

Cristina Castaneda
Director of Global Programs
Office Phone:  (520) 621-1720
Office Number:  271
E-mail: cristinac@email.arizona.edu  

Brent White
Associate Dean for Programs & Global Initiatives and Professor of Law
Office Phone:  (520) 626-2063
Office Number:  273
E-mail: btw815@email.arizona.edu  


Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program

S. James Anaya
Regents' Professor and James J. Lenoir Professor of Human Rights Law and Policy & Faculty Co-Chair of the IPLP Program
E-mail: sjanaya@email.arizona.edu

Robert A. Williams, Jr.

E. Thomas Sullivan Professor of Law and American Indian Studies & Faculty Co-Chair of the IPLP Program

Office Number: RH 308

Office Phone: 520.621.5622

Email: lumbee@email.arizona.edu


Carrie M. Stusse
Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: 520.626.6497
Office Number: Rountree hall 305
Email: cms1@email.arizona.edu


Information Services

Michael Chiorazzi
Associate Dean of Information Services and Director of the Law Library
Office Phone:  (520) 621-5477
Office Number: 127
E-mail:  chioraz@email.arizona.edu


Information Technology

Michael Wagenheim
Director of Information Technology
Office Phone: (520) 437-9775
Office Number: 228B
E-mail: wagenhei@email.arizona.edu

Paul Kealey
Internet Developer
Office Phone:  (520) 437-9865
Office Number:  209
E-mail: kealey@email.arizona.edu


International Trade Law Program

David Gantz
Director, International Trade Law Program & Samuel M. Fegtly Professor of Law
Office Phone: (520) 621-1801
Office Number:  215
E-mail:  dagantz@email.arizona.edu



Lissette Calderon
Email: lissette@email.arizona.edu
Phone: (520) 621-7667


Student Affairs

Dr. Willie Jordan-Curtis
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and
Associate Clinical Professor of Law
Office Phone: (520) 621-8602
Office Number: 150C
E-mail: jordancu@email.arizona.edu
Donna Shafer
Administrative Associate, Student Services
Office Phone: (520) 626-9224
Office Number: 150D
E-mail: dream@email.arizona.edu



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