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Classroom Presentations on Legal Research

Librarians will make customized classroom presentations at the request of faculty for any College of Law class. Presentations may focus on the course research pages, resources for selecting paper topics and other subjects as requested. To request a classroom presentation for your class, click here.

Acquiring Complimentary Copies of Course Textbooks

Faculty members may request their own complimentary copies of materials under consideration for course use. A handful of legal publishers who still offer faculty copies free of charge are listed below along with their contact info and URL. Note that policies differ among publishers: in some cases, the faculty member must use the text in the course in order to receive the comp’d copy. Faculty members are encouraged to try obtaining free copies for review before requesting office copies be purchased by the Law Library. If you have questions or problems regarding contacting these sources, or if you have suggestions for publishers we have not included, please contact refdesk.

Aspen Publishers
For complimentary request info: Publishers
For a list of titles by subject, see:
Contact Info: 800-950-5259 (Legal Education)

West Academic/ Foundation Press (Thompson Reuters)
For complimentary casebook:
Contact Info:
West Account Managers: 800-313-9378
Foundation Press Account Managers: 877-888-1330

Thomson RIA (Tax and Accounting)

Offers instructor desk copies in areas of tax and accounting for courses currently being taught or under consideration for future semesters. Also includes tax titles published by Warren, Gorham & Lamont (WGL).
Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-950-1216 (ask for Education sales)
Fax: 734-3023540

LexisNexis As of the fall of 2013, LexisNexis has ceased offering print copies for review and instead offers the ability to review copies digitally. Options are to view the book online or to download to your computer or mobile device e-reader (after installing software such as Adobe Digital Editions). Loan period is thirty days--the book automatically goes away after that time. Supported browsers are all versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and at least v.10 of Internet Explorer. You must register for an account at the link above.

Carolina Academic Press You must be viewing a specific title in order to access the faculty complimentary request form (see link at bottom of title description)
Contact Info:

Oxford University Press;jsessionid=E0A43E8C89E254145450587E108E06FD?cc=us&lang=en&

Higher Education
Oxford University Press
2001 Evans Road
Cary, NC 27513 USA
Phone: 800-280-0280
Fax: 919-677-8877

Cambridge University Press

Phone: 1-845-353-7500
Fax: 1-845-353-4141

Course Reserves

In addition to the permanent Law Reserve collection, the Law Library maintains a temporary reserve shelf consisting of faculty-owned photocopied cases, articles, etc., as well as faculty-owned copies of books to be used by their students during a particular semester. The Law Library assumes that photocopied materials meet federal copyright law guidelines. These items will be returned to you at the end of the semester or tossed at your request. Use the Course Reserve request form to add such items to the temporary reserve collection.

Click here to view items you currently have on the Course Reserve list.

Law Library Exam Bank

The library maintains an online, password-protected database of past faculty exams for students to access remotely. Faculty members may choose to contribute past exams to this database.

To view a list of exams you have online, go to the Sample Exams page and select your name (Forums login required). If you would to like to make your course exams available to students, please send a pdf of the exam to Maureen Garmon.

Additional Services

The Law Library provides additional services to support the College of Law faculty's instructional needs. Contact the Refdesk at for further assistance, including assistance in gathering information regarding legal textbooks, videos, etc. to be used in your classes.

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