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Searching Westlaw

Video Tutorials by Beth Hoffman

Search Basics, Part 1: Phrase Searching (Time - 4:34)

Find out how to search for multi-word phrases in Westlaw.

Search Basics, Part 2: The OR Connector (Time - 6:42)

Learn the ins and outs of using the OR connector to expand your search results with similar terms.

Search Basics, Part 3: The AND Connector (Time - 5:14)

See how the AND connector will help you find documents that contain two or more different topics, and why that's sometimes still not quite enough to help you find what you're really looking for.

Search Basics, Part 4: Proximity Connectors (Time - 10:04)

Find out how to use proximity connectors to search for documents where two or more topics appear within the same paragraph, or sentence, or even within just a few words - a big help when you need to make sure your terms really are related.

Search Basics, Part 5: The NOT Connector (Time - 3:55)

Learn how to get rid of unwanted, irrelevant search results using the NOT connector and also why you may not always want to.

Search Basics, Part 6: Order of Search Operations (Time - 8:34)

Want to become a Westlaw power searcher? Understanding the order that Westlaw processes connectors in is key to creating complex searches that work.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 1: Wildcards (Time - 6:06)

Learn how to use Westlaw's wildcard operators to search for word variations like robber and robbing without having to enter each possible variation yourself.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 2: Singular / Plural Expansion (Time - 6:13)

Did you know that Westlaw will automatically search for the plural versions of any singular search term you enter? Find out exactly what it searches for, and how to override it when you need to.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 3: Automatic Acronyms (Time - 4:50)

Is your research stuck in the alphabet soup of government agency acronyms? Find out which acronym format to use when you need Westlaw to automatically search for several standard acronym formats.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 4: Automatic Hyphens (Time - 2:42)

Are you unsure if that term you need to search for is a two word phrase or a hyphenated term? Find out how to use Westlaw's automatic hyphen expansion feature to search for both variations (and more) at once.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 5: Stop Words (Time - 5:57)

Does Westlaw keep returning search results you didn't ask for with phrases you didn't enter? You search might contain stop words - words that Westlaw will not actually search for, no matter how much you might want it to. Find out what those words are and how you can sometimes force Westlaw to search for them anyway.

Power Searching Toolkit, Part 6: Field Searching (Time - 4:01)

Know what you're looking for? Find out how field searching can help narrow your results when you're searching for a specific case, or the rulings of a specific judge.