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A Guide to Primary Arizona Legal Materials

Jacquelyn Kasper
Reference & Government Documents Librarian

Scope: Primary sources of Arizona law are state laws, codes, court cases, rules, administrative regulations and decisions, and county and city ordinances and codes. Most of these legal sources can be found in law libraries in Arizona, online on Westlaw and Lexis (two commercial vendors), and on official government web sites on the Internet. Some materials are available only at government offices.

Session Laws | Statutes | County Ordinances | County Codes | City Ordinances | City Codes | Court Decisions | Court Rules | Ethics Opinions | Regulations | Administrative Decisions | Executive Publications | Internet | Territorial Law



Session Laws

Chapter Laws (slip laws). (official) Phoenix: Arizona Secretary of State.
Reserve (current year)
Individual laws by Chapter number from a legislative session.

Session Laws of Arizona. 1912- (official) Phoenix: Ariz. Legislature.
Arizona Section
Compilation of laws in numerical Chapter order as passed in a legislative session (First and Second Regular and Special Sessions). Contains lists of elected officials, legislators, texts of memorials and resolutions, Governor’s veto messages, and election results (proposition texts and votes). Indexed by broad topic (A.R.S. titles); cross-tables of chapters and bills. Updated by the

Arizona Legislative Service. (Thomson West), a compilation of current session laws with table of A.R.S. sections affected.


Arizonan Revised Statutes Annotated. (official) St. Paul, MN: Thomson West.
Arizona Collection, Law Library Reserve.
Codified law arranged by broad topics (Titles) in hardbound volumes. Contains the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Enabling Act and other Admission documents, and State Constitution. Statute sections followed by historical notes, headnotes of decisions, references to law review commentaries and state regulations, and cross-references to other statutes. Tables volume correlates session laws with prior compilations of statutes. Vols. 16-17B contain court and miscellaneous rules. Table of dates of effective enactments appears in front of each A.R.S. volume, pocket part, and pamphlet. Detailed index contains cross-references and Popular Name Table. Statute volumes updated annually by pocket parts and pamphlets and the Interim Annotation Service. Individual volumes revised periodically.

Arizona Revised Statutes. (unannotated, unofficial, online version)

Arizona Revised Statutes (unofficial). Charlotteville, VA: LexisNexis.
Arizona Collection.
Current codified law arranged by Titles in 14 softbound volumes. Contains state Constitution and has companion volumes of Annotation Service and Rules of Court Annotated. Topical index with cross-references. Updated by the Advance Legislative Service, a compilation of current session laws with a table of A.R.S. sections affected and effective dates of enactments. Each annual softbound multi-volume edition replaces the previous one.




Pima County Ordinances. (official) Tucson: Pima County Board of Supervisors.
On file at County Clerk's Office (ordinance list only; text not available).
Individual enactments maintained in year-number order.


Pima County Code. (official) Seattle, WA: Book Publishing Co.
KFA 2999 P55 A35 1985 Reserve
The online version is for reference only.
Codified ordinances arranged by topic, chapter, then section number. Topics include animals, health and safety, business licenses, building and construction codes, floodplain/erosion management, air quality, highways and traffic, and zoning. Tables correlate A.R.S. statutes and County ordinance numbers. Topical index has cross-references. Updated by periodic looseleaf filings.




Tucson City Ordinances. (official) Tucson: City.
On file at City Clerk’s Office
Individual enactments by number.


Tucson (Arizona) Code. (official) Tallahassee, FL.: Municipal Code Corporation.
KFA 2999.5 H33 Reserve links to
Codification of ordinances by topic, then by title and section number. Topics include animals, building and construction codes, business licenses, cable and telecommunications, crimes, elections, occupation and privilege taxes, procurement, and traffic. Contains the 1883 Charter and information on city government and elected and appointed officials. Table of ordinances have dates and disposition. Contains cross-references to state law and some annotations to case law. Index covers Charter and Code. Updated by periodic looseleaf filings.

Tucson (Arizona) Land Use Code. (official) Tucson: City Planning Dept.
KFA 2858 Z99 T85 Reserve
Codification (1995) of land use technical regulations that cover zones, land development, subdivisions, and city zoning administration and procedures. Has extensive section on definitions and city-county zoning conversion tables. Previous Tucson Zoning Codes (1968, 1987) incorporated within older Tucson Codes.

Code Of the City Of Phoenix. (official) Phoenix: City.
KFA 2999.5 P4 A35 Reserve
Codification of city code, Charter, and ordinances including zoning. Arranged by Chapter-Section. Topics include administration, animals, building and construction, licenses, franchises, traffic, morals and conduct, parks, water, and zoning. Topical index with cross-references. Updated by looseleaf filings.

Zoning Ordinance Of the City Of Phoenix. Phoenix: City Planning Dept.
KFA 2858 Z9 P56 Reserve
Codification of zoning information including planning documents, zoning districts, fee schedules, development standards, enforcement. Incorporated within Phoenix Code by reference. Topical index. Updated by looseleaf filings.

[NOTE:  Some Arizona city codes are online at Municode. Print editions of most city and town codes are at the Arizona State Library, Phoenix.]



Slip Opinions. (official) Phoenix: Arizona Supreme Court.
Reserve (current year only). (1998- )
Individual opinions of the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal. Has search function within database.

Arizona Advance Reports. Provo, UT: Code Co.
Contains Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal decisions. Issued bi-weekly with semi-annual case and subject indexes. Each issue contains cumulative case name list since last index with table of parallel cites in Arizona Reports and Pacific Reporter.

Arizona Reports. (official) San Francisco, CA: Bancroft, 1884-1945 (v.1-63); St. Paul, MN: Thomson West, 1945- (v. 64- )
Arizona Collection
Contains Supreme Court decisions from Territorial days (beginning 1866) and Courts of Appeal decisions (from 1977). Individual cases indexed by name in Arizona Digest, and by words-subjects that are linked to West's topic/key number system in the digest volumes. Court definitions of legal terms indexed in “Words and Phrases” of Digest.

Arizona Appeals Reports. (official) St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1965-1976 (v.1-27)
Arizona Collection
Contains Courts of Appeal decisions from creation of two appellate court divisions in 1964 through 1976. Subsequent decisions published in Arizona Reports. Indexed by Arizona Digest.

Pacific Reporter. (1st, 2d, 3d) St. Paul, MN: Thomson West.
Reporter Section
Regional reporter that contains decisions from Arizona courts from 1866. Indexed by Pacific Digest according to West's topic/key number system with detailed word and case names indexes.




Administrative Orders. (official) Phoenix: Arizona Supreme Court.
KFA 2910.5 A3 S96 Reserve
Court administration issuances regarding new and amended rules of court procedure and standards, and judicial appointments and disqualifications/reassignments. Contains policies and procedures to guide municipal, justice of the peace, superior court and appellate courts in Arizona in conducting their administrative functions.

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated. v. 16-17B (official) St. Paul, MN: Thomson West.
Arizona Collection, Reserve
Annotated compilation of rules governing civil, criminal, and appellate procedure in state courts and local rules of practice in individual counties and cities (Tucson, Phoenix), including justice of the peace, traffic and juvenile courts. Contains rules on evidence, arbitration, medical malpractice and liability, foster care, tax court, special actions, trust accounts, attorney professional conduct, judicial commissions, and judicial review of administrative decisions. Some sections have own indexes. Updated annually by pocket parts or pamphlets.

Arizona Rules of Court: State. St. Paul, MN: Thomson West.
Arizona Collection, Reserve
Unannotated compilation of state, county and city rules of practice and evidence, including arbitration, traffic, foster care, and child support guidelines and schedules of support. Rules for Superior Courts and medical malpractice include interrogatories. Contains some forms. Each annual edition replaces the previous one. See also:

Arizona Rules of Court: Federal. St. Paul, MN: Thomson West.
Arizona Collection, Reserve
Unannotated compilation of rules of practice in District and Bankruptcy Courts in Arizona and 9 th Circuit Court of Appeals. Includes federal rules of evidence and rules for multi-district litigation and admiralty/maritime claims. Contains some forms. Each annual edition replaces the previous one. See: (U.S. District Court, District of Arizona); (U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Dist. Of Arizona); (U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit)

Arizona Rules of Court Annotated. Provo, UT: Michie.
Arizona Collection
Contains state and local rules, and 9 th Circuit federal rules, with State Bar Committee notes and case law annotations. Sections have own indexes. Updated by supplements and annual editions.




Arizona Ethics Opinions. (official) Phoenix: State Bar of Arizona.
KFA 2476.5 A2 S79 Arizona Section (1985- )
Opinions issued by State Bar Committee on Rules of Professional Conduct discussing issues and rules involving attorney professional conduct. Issued by year-opinion number. Indexed by keyword in Index-Digest for 1954-1982; listed by opinion number and date in Digest of Ethics Opinions, 1954-1994.

Arizona Ethics Desk Reference. Phoenix: State Bar of Arizona, 1995.
KFA 2476.5 A2 S78 Arizona Reference, Arizona Section
Opinions regarding attorney professional conduct. Indexed by keyword and updated by looseleaf filings every 6 months.




Arizona Administrative Register. (official) Phoenix: Arizona Secretary of State.
KFA 2436 A75 Reserve “online rules are not official rules”
Contains notices of proposed and final rule changes. Has index to rule making and separate index for Governor's appointments, proclamations, executive orders, and Attorney General opinions. Issued weekly.

Arizona Administrative Code. (official) Phoenix: Arizona Secretary of State.
KFA 2935 1974 A23 Reserve
Contains regulations adopted by state agencies and commissions, covering personnel administration, regulated professions, health and economic services, businesses and corporations, revenue, and environment. Includes information on the rule making process and adjudicatory procedure. Indexed by topic. Updated by looseleaf supplements and the Arizona Administrative Register.




Opinions. (official) Phoenix: Arizona Attorney General.
Arizona Section (1999- )
Formal legal opinions by Attorney General offering guidance to school districts, agencies, public officials, legislators, and court personnel in day-to-day operations. Issued by year-opinion number. Compiled in annual bound volume with index and tables referencing statutes and cases.

Decisions. (official) Phoenix: Arizona State Board of Tax Appeals.
KFA 2871.5 A556 Arizona Section (2000-)




Executive Orders. (official). Phoenix: Office of the Governor.
UA Library Special Collections (2008- )
Enactments and directions to agencies regarding activities, funds, and appointments. E.O. printed in Arizona Administrative Register and Arizona Legislative Service.

Veto Messages. (official) Phoenix: Office of the Governor.
Governor’s messages, mostly vetoes, regarding legislative bills. In Session Laws and Arizona Legislative Service.

Tribal-State Gaming Compacts. (official) Phoenix: Office of the Governor.
KF 8210 G35 Arizona Section
Agreements between Indian tribes and state regarding operation of gaming casinos.


INTERNET: University of Arizona Law Library web sitewith legal links. State of Arizona web site. State Bar of Arizona web site.




Organic Act. Territory Of Arizona. Feb 24, 1863. U.S. Statutes At Large12 (1863): 664.

Treaty Of Peace, Friendship, Limits, and Settlement With the Republic Of Mexico. [Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo], Feb. 2, 1848. United States-Mexico. U. S. Statutes At Large 9 (1848): 922.

Treaty With Mexico. [Gadsden Treaty], Dec. 30, 1853. U.S. Statutes At Large 10 (1853): 1031.

Enabled People Of Arizona To Form Constitution and State Government [Enabling Act]. June 20, 1910. U.S. Statutes At Large 36 (1910): 557, 568-79

Joint Resolution To Admit the Territories Of New Mexico and Arizona As States Into the Union Upon Equal Footing With the Original States, No. 8, August 21, 1911. U.S. Statutes At Large 37 (1911): 39.

Proclamation Of Admission [Of Arizona As a State]. February 14, 1912. U.S. Statutes At Large 37 (1912): 1728.

Arizona (Terr.). Constitutional Convention, 1891. Constitution For the State Of Arizona, As Adopted By the Constitutional Convention, Friday, October 2, 1891, and Address To the People of the Territory. Phoenix, 1891.

Arizona (Terr.) Constitution Convention, 1910. Proposed Constitution For the State Of Arizona .
Adopted by the Constitutional Convention, Convention Held At Phoenix, Ariz., From October 10 to December 9, 1910. Phoenix: 1910. Minutes. Propositions

Territorial Attorney General. Report/Opinions. (1883-1911).

Territorial Governor.
-----Messages To the Legislative Assembly. (Phoenix: Office of the Governor, 1865-1911).

Territorial Legislative Assembly. Acts, Resolutions, Memorials. [Session laws.] 1st - 25th, 1864-1909.
-----Compiled Laws Of the Territory Of Arizona: Including the Howell Code and the Session Laws From 1864 to 1871 Inclusive. Coles Bashford, comp (Albany: Weed, Parson & Co. Printers, 1871).
-----Compiled Laws Of the Territory Of Arizona, 1864-1877. J. Hoyt, comp. (Detroit: Richmond, Backus & Co., 1877).
-----Howell Code. Adopted By the First Legislative Assembly Of Arizona. (Prescott: Office of the Arizona Miner, 1865).
-----Revised Statutes Of Arizona. Civil [and] Penal.(Prescott: 1887).
-----Mining Laws Of the Territory Of Arizona. (Prescott: Office of the Arizona Miner, 1864).
-----Revised Statutes Of Arizona Territory. (Columbia, Mo.: E. W. Stephens, 1901).

Territorial Supreme Court. Report Of Cases Argued and Determined In the Supreme Court Of the Territory Of Arizona [Arizona Reports]. V.1-13, 1866-1911. (San Francisco: Bancroft, 1884-1911.)
-----Rules Of the District Court Of the First Judicial District Of the Territory Of Arizona In and For the County Of Pima, Adopted October 5, 1874. (Tucson: Arizona Citizen Print, 1874.) [Amendments appear in Arizona Reports vols.]
-----Rules of the Supreme Court Of the Territory Of Arizona, Adopted Dec. 27, 1865.

Tucson. Charter and Ordinances of the City of Tucson. (1871)


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