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A Guide To Arizona Practice Materials at the Cracchiolo Law Library

Jacquelyn Kasper
Reference & Government Documents Librarian

Scope: Sources of materials for practice in Arizona include continuing legal education publications, handbooks, manuals, treatises, law reviews, journals and legal newspapers, and directories. The following lists are categorized by broad subject. Note: most books are updated either by pocket parts or looseleaf filings, or are annually revised editions.

Westlaw provides online access to its print Arizona Practice series (AZPRAC) and legal forms books (AZ-LF). Lexis does not have its Arizona treatises in its current database. The State Bar of Arizona provides online access to most of its publications through an attorney's membership. Loislaw, a commercial vendor, provides electronic access to several State Bar publications.

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I’m just starting out in a General Civil Practice. What books should I know about that would help me?

Alternative Dispute Resolution. (State Bar, 1993) KFA 2960.5 A75 A57 1993 Reserve

Appellate Mediation In Arizona: Rules, Practices and Forms. (State Bar, 1998) KFA 2960.5 A75 A77 1998 Reserve, Arizona Section

* Arizona Appellate Handbook. 4th ed. 3v. (State Bar, 2000) KFA 2955 A97 Reserve

* Arizona Attorneys' Fees Manual by B. Meyerson. 4 th ed. (State Bar, 2003) KFA 2477.5 F4 A75 2003 Reserve

* Arizona Civil Remedies by M. Clarke. 2d ed. (State Bar, 1998) KFA 2947 A955 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Civil Rules Handbook by D. McAuliffe. (Thomson West, annual) KFA 2929 A192 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Law Finder (Thomson West, annual) Reserve, Arizona Collection

* Arizona Legal Ethics Handbook by Daniel McAuliffe. 2d ed. (State Bar, 2003) KFA 2476.5 M41 2003 Reserve

* Arizona Legal Forms, v. 1-2A, Civil Procedure (Thomson West, 2002) KFA 2468 A75 2002 Reserve, Arizona Reference

Arizona Legal Research Guide. (Hein, 1992) KFA 2475 S55 1992 Reserve, Ariz. Reference

* Civil Trial Practice by D. McAuliffe. (Thomson West, 2001) (Arizona practice series) KFA 2938 M32 2001 Reserve, Ariz. Ref.

* Law Of Evidence by Joseph Livermore et al [formerly Morris Udall]. 4 th ed. ( Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, 2000) KFA 2940 L5 2000 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Pima County Bar Association Legal Directory. (Tucson: annual) KF 193 P5 P5 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (RAJI) (Civil) 4 th ed. (State Bar, 2005) KFA 2942.6 A65 S75 2005 Reserve, Arizona Reference  

* State Bar of Arizona Membership Directory. (Phoenix: annual) KF 192 A7 S8 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Trial Handbook for Arizona Lawyers by B. Cooper. (Thomson West, annual) KFA 2938 C66 2005 Reserve, Arizona Reference

I want to develop a Commercial Law Practice. What sources should I know about for Arizona information?

* Arizona Employment Law Handbook. (State Bar, 1995). KFA 2731 A6 A7 Reserve

* Arizona Legal Forms, v. 3, Debtor-Creditor; v.5-6, Commercial Transactions; v. 8-9, Corporations; v.10, Partnerships. (Thomson West, 1997) KFA 2468 A75 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Liability Insurance Law by S. Plitt. (State Bar, 1998) KFA 2591 A1 P55 1998 Reserve

* Arizona Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual by R. Onsager. (Data Trace Pub. 1996). KFA 2607.5 A65 O57 Reserve

* Arizona Secured Transactions Under Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code: Forms and Practice Manual by D. Chandler and R. Goldsmith. (Data Trace Pub., 2002) KFA 2575 C49 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Workers' Compensation Handbook. (State Bar, 1992) KFA 2742 A6 A75 1992 Reserve

* Business Law Deskbook by B. Olson and L. Thompson. (Arizona practice series). (Thomson West 2005) KFA 2613 O47 2005 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Business Regulation In Arizona – State & Federal by B. Olson and L. Thompson. (Arizona practice series, 2v.) (Thomson West 2005) [new] Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Corporate Practice (Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, annual). KFA 2413 A65 C67 Reserve, Arizona Ref.

* Debtor-Creditor Law In Arizona by W. Boyd. (Banks-Baldwin, 1992). KFA 2620 B69 1992 Reserve, Arizona Reference

E-Commerce In Arizona: Legal and Business Issues. (National Business Institute, 2001) KFA 2552 Z9 E36 2001 Reserve, Arizona Section

* Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law and Procedure In Arizona by J. Fries. (National Business Institute, 1997). KFA 2621 Z9 F75 1997 Arizona Section

* Guide To Arizona Securities Law. 2d ed. (State Bar, 2000) KFA 2614 A1 N54 2000 Reserve

Handling a Dot-Com Bankruptcy In Arizona by S. Clarke. (Nat. Business Institute, 2001) KFA 2621 Z9 H36 2001 Reserve, Arizona Section

* Representing the Arizona Business: The Basics. (State Bar, 2003) KFA 2605 Z9 R46 2003 Az Ref.

I just moved to Tucson and want to specialize in a Real Estate Practice. What State Bar and other legal materials are available on this topic?

* Arizona Construction Law Practice Manual. (State Bar, 2003) KFA 2675 A974 Reserve

* Arizona Environmental Law Manual. 2v. (State Bar, 1995) KFA 2754 A965 Reserve, Arizona Ref.

* Arizona Land Use Law. 3rd ed. (State Bar, 1998). KFA 2858 J675 Reserve

* Arizona's Landlord's Deskbook (Residential and Commercial Rentals) by C. Casler. 4 th ed. (Consumer Law Books Pub. House, 2002) KFA 2517 Z9 C37 2002Reserve, Arizona Reference Supp. volume: Practitioner Reference Manual. Reserve

Arizona Mortgage Law and Nonjudicial Foreclosure by J. Scott. (Modern Legal Practice Libraries, 1990). KF 697 F6 S36 1990 Reserve

* Arizona Real Estate Law: Answers To Common Legal Questions by J. Osborn. (Jones Osborn, 2003) KFA 2512 A47 2003 Reserve, Arizona Reference, Arizona Section

* Commercial Real Estate Transactions Practice Manual. 2d ed. (State Bar, 1992). KFA 2526 A7 C66 1992 Reserve 

* Community Association Law In Arizona by S. Carpenter. (State Bar, 2003) KFA 2514 C6 C37 2003 Reserve

* Construction Lien Law In Arizona: A Practice Manual. (State Bar, 2002) KFA 2555.5 A75 C66 2002 Reserve

The Cost of Ignorance: Assessing Liability For Environmental Hazards In Real Estate Transactions. (State Bar, 1990). KF 1299 H39 C67 1990 Arizona Section

* Eminent Domain In Arizona. (State Bar, 2004). KFA 2850 E65 2004 Reserve

Evictions and Landlord/Tenant Law In Arizona by A. Hull. (National Business Institute, 2000) KFA 2517 Z9 H85 2000 Arizona Section

* Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law and Procedure In Arizona by J. Fries. (National Business Institute, 1997) KFA 2621 Z9 F75 1997 Arizona Section.

* Fundamentals Of Water Law In Arizona: Protecting Water Rights, Use and Quality. (National Business Institute, 2001). KFA 2846 F86 2001 Reserve

* Ins and Outs of Foreclosures. (State Bar, 2004) KFA 2530.5 F6 I67 Reserve

* Legal Aspects of Condominium Development and Homeowners Associations In Arizona. (National Business Institute, 2002). KFA 2514 C6 C87 Reserve

Litigating and Negotiating a Groundwater Contamination Case. (State Bar, 1987). KF 1299 W38 L57 1987 Reserve

* Practice and Procedure Before the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Office of Administrative Hearings. (Smith & Craven, 2003). KFA 2675 S5 2003 Reserve

* Tenant's Survival Guide by C. Casler. (Consumer Law Books Pub. House, 1998. KFA 2517 Z9 C372 1998 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Understanding and Protecting Your Water Rights In Arizona. 2d ed. (Cambridge Institute, 1997). KFA 2846 A75 U53 1997 Arizona Section

My solo practice is mostly Domestic Relations work. What do you have in this area?

Arizona Child Support Guidelines. (Arizona Supreme Court) KFA 2504.8 A83 Reserve

* Arizona Juvenile Law and Practice by T. Jacobs. (Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, annual). KFA 2995 J32 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Legal Forms: v. 4, Domestic Relations. (Thomson West, 1997) KFA 2468 A75 1997 Reserve, Arizona Reference

Child Custody and Co-Parenting In Arizona by R. Lusby. (National Business Institute, 2000.) KFA 2505.6 Z95 L8 2000 Reserve, Ariz. Section

Child Custody and Visitation in Arizona by J. Glassman. (National Business Institute, 1997) KFA 2504.6 Z9 G53 1997 Arizona Section

* Community Property Law by T. Jacobs. 3 rd ed. (Thomson West, 2004) KFA 2497 S44 2004 Reserve, Arizona Reference

Drafting and Litigating Prenuptial Agreements In Arizona. (National Business Institute, 1995) KFA 2497 Z9 H47 1995 Arizona Section

Estate Planning In Divorce and Remarriage In Arizona by J. Becker. (National Business Institute, 2001) KFA 2540 Z9 B43 2001 Arizona Section.

Family Law In Arizona by G. Meell. (National Business Institute) KFA 2494 Z9 M44 Reserve, Arizona Section.

* Handling Child Custody, Abuse and Adoption Cases by A. Haralambie. 2d ed. (Thomson West, 1993). KF 547 H37 1993 Reserve

* Marriage Dissolution Practice by C.M. Smith. (Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, 1988) KFA 2500 S64 1988 Reserve

Representing Children In Domestic Relations Cases. 2d ed. (Arizona Council of Attorneys For Children, 1992). KF 540 A75 R46 1992 Reserve

School Law Issues In Arizona by K. Koelbel. (National Business Institute, 2000)KFA 2791 Z95 S3 2000 Arizona Section

Using Mediation In the Divorce Process. (State Bar, 1988) KF 547 U84 1988 Reserve

West's Arizona Family Law and Rules. (Thomson West, annual) KFA 2494 A29 W47 Reserve, Arizona Reference

What does the library have on Criminal Law?

Arizona Criminal and Traffic Law Manual. (Lexis, annual) KFA 2829 A75 Reserve

* Arizona DUI: A Manual For Police, Judges, and Lawyers by J. Lankford. (LexisNexis, 2004) KFA 2697.8 A75 L35 2004 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona DUI Trial Book. (State Bar, 1999) KFA 2697.8 A9 A75 1999 Reserve

* Arizona Juvenile Law and Practice by T. Jacobs. (Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, annual) KFA 2995 J32 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Arizona Legal Forms, v. 7, Criminal Procedure. (Thomson West,1990) KFA 2468 A75 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Asset Forfeitures: Seizure of Ill-Gotten Gains. (State Bar, 1993). KFA 2965 F6 A99 1993 Reserve

* Criminal Law of Arizona by R. Gerber. (State Bar, 1993). KFA 2961 G47 1993 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Revised Arizona Jury Instructions (RAJI) (Criminal ). (State Bar, 1989) KFA 2983 R43 1989C Reserve

West's Arizona Criminal Law and Rules. (Thomson West) KFA 2975 A29 A74 Reserve, Ariz. Ref.  

What Every Criminal Lawyer Needs To Know About Capital Rule 32. (State Bar, 1998) KFA 2984 W52 1998 Reserve

The firm I work with handles primarily Personal Injury cases. Does the Library have anything on this? What about Arizona health law in general?

* Arizona Liability Insurance Law by S. Plitt. (State Bar, 1998) KFA 2591 A1 P55 1998 Reserve, Arizona Reference.

* Arizona Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook. (State Bar, 2002). KFA 2596.3 A8 D54 Reserve

* Arizona Nursing Home Negligence by B. Burt. (PESI, 2000) KFA 2763 N8 N87 2000 Ariz. Sect.

Arizona Tort Liability Issues In Work Site Accident Cases. (Professional Education Systems, 1989). KF 1316 Z9 A74 1989 Reserve

* Law and Mental Health Professionals: Arizona. 2d ed. (Amer. Psychological Assoc., 2003) KFA 2726.5 P73 M55 2003 Arizona Section

* The Law of Negligence In Arizona by J. Lankford. 3d ed. (Lexis, 2003). KFA 2596 L36 2003 Reserve, Arizona Reference.

The Medical Malpractice Case From Case Screening To Jury. (State Bar, 2000). KFA 2596.2 A75 M43 2000 Reserve

Personal Injury Settlements In Arizona. (National Business Institute, 1998) KFA 2897 P3 P47 1998 Ariz. Sect .

My clients in Green Valley are mostly senior citizens. What does the library have in practice materials on Estate Planning and other Senior Issues?

* Advanced Issues In Arizona Elder Law. (National Business Institute, 2001). KFA 2491 A37 G65 2001 Reserve, Arizona Section.

Arizona Probate: Beyond the Basics by R. Curley. (National Business Institute, 2001) KFA 2544 Z9 C67 2001 Arizona Section

Basic Probate Procedures and Practice In Arizona. (National Business Institute, 1995). KFA 2544 Z9 B37 1995 Arizona Section

* Community Property Law by T. Jacobs. 3 rd ed. ( Arizona practice series) (Thomson West, 2004) KFA 2497 S44 2004 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Practical Guide To Estate Administration In Arizona. (National Business Institute, 1997) KFA 2547 Z9 P72 1997 Arizona Section

Practical Will Drafting. (State Bar, 1986). KF 755 Z9 P692 1986 Reserve

* Probate Code Practice Manual [Arizona]. 4 th ed. (State Bar, 2000). KFA 2544 P76 Reserve, Arizona Reference

The Probate Process From Start To Finish In Arizona by C. Leas. (National Business Institute, 2001) KFA 2544 Z9 L42 2001 Reserve, Ariz. Section

Successful Wealth Transfer Techniques In Arizona by B. Cohn. (National Business Institute, 2000) KFA 2540 Z9 C65 2000 Arizona Section

The Ubiquitous Estate Planning Tool Of the Late 20 th Century Or...In Trusts We Trust. (State Bar, 1990). KF 730 Z9 U24 1990 Reserve

West's Arizona Probate Law and Rules. (Thomson West, annual) KFA 2544 A293 Reserve, Arizona Reference

* Will and Trust Form Book (Bank One, 1993). KFA 2544 A65 B36 1993 Reserve

A Will Is Not Enough In Arizona: Simple. Practical Things A Resident Of Arizona Can Do To Avoid

Probate, Avoid Guardianship, Preserve Assets, Provide For Health Care, Provide For the Family's Care by A. Pohl. (Eagle Pub., 2003) KFA 2540 P65 2003 Reserve, Arizona Reference

I'd like to read something on Arizona's Legal History. Do you have any books on this topic?

* The Arizona State Constitution: A Reference Guide by J. Leshy. (Greenwood Press, 1993). KFA 2801 1911 A6 L47 1993 Reserve, Arizona Section

A Courtroom Of Her Own: The Life and Work Of Judge Mary Anne Richey by B. Atwood. . (Carolina Academic Press, 1997) KF 373 R485 A88 1997 Arizona Section

* Laws, Courts and Lawyers Through the Years In Arizona by J. Murphy (Univ. of Arizona Press, 1970). KF 8736 M8Arizona Reference

Memories Of an Arizona Judge by R. Sloan. (Stanford Univ. Press, 1932). KF 368 S56 A3 1932 Law Special Collections

* The Records of the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910 by J. Goff. (Supreme Court of Arizona, 1991). KFA 2801 1910 A222 1991 Reserve

Spanish Legal Heritage in Arizona by J. Murphy. (Arizona Pioneers Historical Society, 1966) KF 352 M8 Law Special Collections

Arizona Law Reviews, Journals, Newspapers

Arizona Government

* Arizona Agency Handbook. (Arizona Attorney General, 2001) KFA 2840 A56 A74 Reserve

Arizona Blue Book. (Arizona Secretary of State) JK 8230 A712 Arizona Reference

Arizona Courts Data Report and Judicial Report. (Arizona Supreme Court) KFA 2908 A82 A35 & A36 Arizona Section.

Arizona Legislative Bill Drafting Manual. (Arizona Legislative Council) KFA 2821.5 B5 A7 2005 Arizona Reference

Arizona Legislative Manual. (Arizona Legislative Council) KFA 2821 A15 A75 2001 Arizona Reference

* Understanding the Arizona Constitution by T. McClory. (Univ. Of Arizona Press, 2001) KFA 2802 M33 2001 Reserve, Arizona Reference, Arizona Section

Internet Sources

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