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Free E-Resources

These legal and reference resources are available at no cost on the Internet. Access is available to all users both on and off campus.



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ABA Media Alerts on Federal Courts of Appeals (ABA) Info
Access to Archival Databases (AAD) (NARA) Info
Ageline (AARP) Info
ALIS (Arizona Legislative Information Service) Info
American Factfinder (Census Bureau) Info
American Medical News (American Medical Association) Info
American Memory Project: Library of Congress (Library of Congress) Info
Appellate Lawyer Representatives' guide to practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (9th Circuit) Info
Arizona Administrative Code Info
Arizona Administrative Register Info
Arizona Attorney General Info
Arizona Attorney General Opinions Info
Arizona City Codes Info
Arizona Commission on the Arts Info
Arizona Court of Appeals Division One Info
Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two Info
Arizona Daily Star Info
Arizona Department of Revenue Legal Research (Arizona Department of Revenue) Info
Arizona Governor Info
Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL) (University of Arizona) Info
Arizona Humanities Council Info
Arizona Judicial Branch Info
Arizona Legal Forms Info
Arizona Public Access to Court Information Info
Arizona Rules of Court (Arizona Supreme Court) Info
Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct (Arizona Bar) Info
Arizona Secretary of State Info
Arizona State Bar Info
Arizona State Bar Ethics Opinions Info
Arizona State University Info
Arizona Supreme Court Opinions Info
ArizonaNativeNet Info
ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (ASIL) Info
Australasian Legal Information Institute (AUSTLII) (AustLII) Info
Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy (Yale Law School) Info
Background Notes, U.S. Department of State (Department of State) Info
Bartlett's Quotations (Bartleby) Info
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-Present (GPO Access) Info
British & Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) (BALII) Info
British Parliamentary Papers (Proquest) Info
Budget of the United States Government (GPO) Info
Bureau of Economic Analysis (Department of Commerce) Info
Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications (DOJ) Info
Campaign Finance Reports and Data (Federal Election Commission) Info
Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII) (CANLII) Info
Canadian Treaties (Canadian Dept of Foreign Affairs) Info
Canado-American Treaties (Lexum) Info
Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations (Cardiff University) Info
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (GPO) Info
CIA World Factbook (CIA) Info
City of Flagstaff Homepage Info
City of Phoenix Municipal Government Web Site Info
City of Tucson Homepage Info
CNN (CNN) Info
Code of Federal Regulations (GPO) Info
Codes of Ethics Online (Illinois Institute of Technology) Info
Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements (ABA) Info
Congressional Directory (GPO) Info
Congressional Pictorial Directory (GPO) Info
Congressional Research Reports (CRS Reports) (UNT) Info
Congressional Research Service Reports Guide (from LLRX.com) (LLRX) Info
Contacts & Resources for Trial Lawyers and Other Public Interest Advocates Info
Copyright and Related Rights Laws and Treaties (WIPO) Info
Cornell Legal Information Institute (Cornell) Info
Cornell LII Bulletin (Cornell) Info
Crime in the U.S. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Info
Criminology Web Sites: An Annotated "Webliography" (Information Today) Info
Curiae Project (Yale) Info
Daily Territorial Info
Decision of the Appeals Board - U.S. Copyright Office 1999-2003 (Franklin Pierce) Info
Economics & Statistics Administration (Department of Commerce) Info
EISIL - Electronic Information System for International Law (American Society of International Law (ASIL)) Info
Elements of Style (Bartleby) Info
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (Findlaw) Info
EU Observer (ASBL) Info
EUR-Lex: The Portal to European Union Law (EU) Info
European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) Info
Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Communities) Info
Family Law in the Fifty States (American Bar Association) Info
Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog (CFDA) Info
Federal Judicial Center (Federal Judicial Center) Info
Federal Legislative History Research (Law Librarian's Society of Washington, D.C. ) Info
Federal Register (GPO) (GPO) Info
Federal Websites for Tribal Libraries and Tribal College Libraries: Recommended Links (Oklahoma) Info
FindLaw (Thomson) Info
FindLaw E-Journals (Thomson) Info
Flagstaff City Code Info
Foreign and International Law Sources on the Internet Annotated (Cornell) Info
Foreign Relations of the United States (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections) Info
GAO Comptroller General Decisions (GPO) Info
GAO Reports (GAO) Info
GATT Digital Library (Stanford University and WTO) Info
German Law Archive (German law Archive) Info
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online (Getty Research Institute) Info
Global Banking Laws Info
Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) (GLIN) Info
Globalex (NYU ) Info
GPO Access (GPO) Info
Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body (Bartleby) Info
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Info
Guide to Official Statistics (Office for National Statistics) Info
Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) (Library of Congress) Info
Health U.S. (Centers for Disease Control) Info
Heiros Gamos (Heiros Gamos) Info
Historic Government Publications from World War II (Southern Methodist University) Info
Historical Publications of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Info
Howell Code: First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona Info
Industrial Property Laws and Treaties (WIPO) Info
Institute of European and Comparative Law (Oxford University Press) Info
Institute of Global Law (ULC) Info
Institute of Global Law: English Translations of French and German Legal Decisions (Institute of Global Law) Info
Internal Revenue Service (Department of Treasury) Info
Internet History Sourcebooks Project (Paul Halsall) Info
Internet Public Library: Newspapers (Internet Public Library) Info
Investopedia Dictionary (Investopedia Inc.) Info
ITR-GATT and WTO Dispute Settlement Reports (Globefield Press) Info
Journal of Energy & Environmental Research (GPO) Info
Journal of European Tort Law (de Gruyter (EBSCO)) Info
Judicial Facts and Figures Info
JurisPro (JurisPro) Info
Jurist: The Legal Education Network (University of Pittsburgh) Info
Justia Mexico (Justia) Info
Law & Research Library Division, Arizona State Library Info
Law for Seniors (Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education) Info
Law Library of Congress Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World (Library of Congress) Info
Law.Com (law.com) Info
Legal Information Institute Law by Source: Global (Cornell) Info
Legislative Source Book (from the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C., Inc.) (Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C., Inc.) Info
London Times Info
Maricopa County Hompepage Info
Maricopa County Superior Court Info
Maricopa County Superior Court Self-Service Center Info
MarketWatch (NYT) Info
Martindale Law Directory Info
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Info
Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary (Medline) Info
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law Info
Middle East Ebrary (ebrary) Info
Missouri's Dred Scott Case, 1846-1857 Info
Municipal Codes on the Internet (General Code Publishers) Info
National Atlas of the United States (USGS) Info
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) (NCJRS) Info
National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade Info
National Library of Medicine Gateway (NLM) Info
National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) Info
National Tribal Justice Resource Center (NAICJA) Info
Nat'l Center for Health Statistics Data Warehouse (National Center for Health Statistics) Info
NCCUSL Archives at the University of Pennsylvania Info
New York Times (NYT) Info
News Now (News Now) Info
Nogales City Code Info
Northern Arizona University Info
Opennet Database (DOE) Info
Oyez Project: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database (Northwestern University) Info
Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII) (PACLII) Info
PBS: Africans in America (PBS) Info
Phoenix City Code Info
Phoenix Public Safety, Laws & Legislation Info
Pima County Bar Association Info
Pima County Code Info
Pima County Homepage Info
Pima County Justice Court Info
Pima County Justice Court Forms Page Info
Pima County Justice Court Small Claims Court Info
Pima County Superior Court Info
Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (National Center on Poverty law) Info
Public Agenda Online: The Inside Source for Public Opinion and Policy Analysis (Public Agenda) Info
Public Papers of the Presidents of the US (1991 - present) (GPO) Info
Public Papers of the Presidents of the US (Hoover - Clinton) (University of Michigan) Info
Public Record Locator (Searchsystems.net) Info
PubMed (NCBI) Info
Reference Maps from the World Factbook (Central Intelligence Agency) Info
Roget's II, The New Thesaurus (Bartleby) Info
Science.gov (FirstGov) Info
Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (Pima County) Info
South African Human Rights Yearbook (SA ePublications) Info
Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) (SAFLII) Info
Sprawl City Info
Statistical Abstract of the United States (GPO) Info
Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan) (University of Michigan) Info
Sterling Codifiers - Codes Online Info
Supreme Court of the United States Info
Television News Archive (Vanderbilt University) Info
Terrorism: Questions and Answers (Council on Foreign Relations) Info
The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis & Interpretation (GPO) Info
Tribal Court Clearinghouse (Tribal Law & Policy Institute) Info
Tucson City Code Info
Tucson City Court Info
Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Info
U.S. Census Bureau (Department of Commerce) Info
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Commissioner Decisions (Franklin Pierce) Info
UA Library Catalog (University of Arizona) Info
UA Main Library (University of Arizona) Info
UNBISnet - UN Bibliographic Information System (United Nations) Info
UNCTADstat (UN Conference on Trade and Development ) Info
Uniform Law Commissioners Info
United Nations Documentation Centre (United Nations) Info
United Nations Documentation: Research Guide (United Nations) Info
United Nations Treaty Collection (United Nations) Info
United States Bankruptcy Court - District of Arizona Info
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (9th Circuit) Info
United States District Court for the District of Arizona Info
United States Government Manual (GPO) Info
United States Historical Census Data Browser (University of Virginia) Info
United States Treaties (THOMAS) (Library of Congress) Info
US Patent Databases (PTO) Info
US Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) (PTO) Info
USC List of Law Reviews (USC) Info
Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Info
Washington Post Info
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (GPO) Info
WIPO’s Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) (WIPO) Info
World Directory of Think Tanks (National Institute for Research Advancement) Info
World Law Guide (Lexadin) Info
Yahoo Individual Tax Forms by State (Yahoo) Info
Yahoo! Newspapers by Region (Yahoo) Info
Yahoo! Finance (Yahoo) Info

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