Cyberlaw Research Resources Guide

prepared by Shaun Esposito, Head of Public Services

WEB Resources

The law library's page of links to Intellectual Property Law sites has a great deal of information about technology related issues.

The law library's UCITA page provides links to sites exploring issues related to the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act.

The UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy has very current cyberlaw-related issues listed as well as un updated cyberlaw bibliography.

Findlaw's list of links to cyberspace law web sites provides a useful starting point for examining issues related to cyber law. Findlaw also has links to listservs that also provide information on breaking issues in the field.

Some of the better journals on the web include:

Berkeley Technology Law Journal has extensive archive of full text articles.

Journal of Technology Law & Policy (University of Florida) has several years of articles archived.

Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review (University of Michigan) also has several years of articles archived.

The Richmond Journal of Law and Technology (published only online).'s Tech Law Practice Center site has very current information on computer law and related issues and could be a good source of topics for papers (some areas are "premium" which require a subscription but a 30 day free trial is available).

Sources Available from the OPAC Terminals in the Library

Legaltrac for journals/journal articles: do a keyword search for cyberlaw from there can branch out and do more searching in related subjects; compare this with results for a search for computer law.

Worldcat contains information on the holdings of most major university and other libraries in the United States; if an item is not available locally , a law student can always request an interlibrary loan. Try a search for cyberlaw; keyword and subject searching available here too.


Under Area of Law by Topic Lexis has Cyberlaw area with primary and secondary materials.

Computer Law looseleaf by Bender is online here. Lexis has Legal News section that can help monitor current trends and get ideas for paper topics. It also has E-commerce area that is worth examining.

For Intellectual Property issues, look at LEXIS practice areas on Copyright and Trademarks (including unfair competition & trade secrets), and Patent Law.


Under Topical Materials by Area of Practice, go to Science & Computer technologies law. As with Lexis, Westlaw has primary and secondary materials and legal news. Also check under Intellectual Property in Topical Materials by Area of Practice for IP materials, many of which relate to Cyberlaw issues.

Finding Print Materials in the Library

Start out at OPAC screen to gain access to the following:

Sabio Subject and Keyword Searches try a keyword search for cyberlaw, then try subject searching-tends to produce better results: computer networks-law and legislation-united states. Also, try this subject search: computers-- law and legislation-united states.

Selected Print Materials in the Law Library

Bernachhi on Computer Law KF 905 C6 B47 1986
This two volume set, last updated in 1995, covers a wide range of topics related to law and computers ranging from intellectual property issues to computer security. A review of the table of contents could be helpful in generating ideas for substantial paper topics.

CCH Guide to Computer Law KF 390.5 C 6 G84 1989
This two volume looseleaf set is continually updated and is used in conjunction with the CCH Computer Cases set which collects significant cases on computer law from federal and state courts. It also contains relevant statutory and regulatory materials and subject area guides on topics ranging from computer crime to antitrust to UCC issues. This set could prove useful either to conduct in depth research or to skim through in developing topic ideas for a substantial paper.

Computer Technology and the Law KF 390.5C6S S65 1983
This work, originally published in 1983 is updated with a 2001 supplement. It provides a background and overview of the development of computer related legal issues and has extensive information on international commercial and intellectual property issues.

Drafting Internet Agreements KF 905 C6 B38
This single volume looseleaf covers a variety of aspects related to web site development and related issues concerning financing and advertising and promotion. A final chapter deals with E-commerce. This work does not contain extensive references to case law and statutes but does provide sample language for various types of internet related contracts.

Drafting License Agreements, 4th Edition KF 2979 D6922
This extensive two volume looseleaf provides detailed discussions of licensing and intellectual property issues, including explanations of international licensing and foreign antitrust rules. A separate chapter covers issues related to software licensing. It could be helpful for those wishing to do detailed research into licensing issues.

Free Expression in the Age of the Internet KF 4772 L57 2000
This book traces the history of legal issues involved with free expression and examines how these have been applied in cyberspace. Topics covered include the Communications Decency Act, internet privacy, e-mail issues, and suggestions for dealing with free expression issues in the digital age. An extensive bibliography provides references to other works.

Information Law KF 390.5 C6 N5552
This two volume looseleaf by Raymond T. Nimmer, prolific author on commercial law related to technology, begins with a chapter on the nature of information law and information rights and then is divided into sections of several chapters each on information rights, regulation and governmental issues, and transactions and liability. Topics covered range from copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property issues to communication regulation and privacy to liability for false information and licensing issues. Consider consulting this work either to help select a topic for a substantial paper or to begin more detailed research on a chosen topic.

Intellectual Property in the Information Age: The Politics of Expanding Ownership Rights. KF 2979 H35 1999.
This short single volume work focuses on copyright issues related to information technology and concludes with a chapter on the future of intellectual property law which might be helpful in choosing a substantial paper topic. An extensive bibliography could be useful in identifying other resources to consult.

Internet And Technology Law Desk Reference: 2004 Edition KF 390.5 C6 1574 2004
This single volume is really a "Words & Phrases" for cyber law. It lists terms alphabetically and provides citations to cases, statues or other sources that have defined those terms. It could be useful both in defining unfamiliar terms and in starting research on any topic listed in the work.

Law of the Internet: 2001 Edition KF 390.5 C6 S77
This single volume work contains chapters on a wide range of internet law related topics ranging from electronic contracts and privacy to intellectual property issues to computer crime and taxation. It could be useful both as a source of ideas for substantial paper topics and for beginning research once a topic is chosen.

Law of Computer Technology: Rights, Licenses, Liabilities KF 390.5 C6 N55
This two-volume looseleaf by Raymond T. Nimmer, a prolific author on commercial law related to technology, has chapters on topics from intellectual property issues to contract and leasing/licensing issues to computer crime and privacy. Each chapter contains detailed textual explanations and numerous footnote reference to cases, statutes and related materials. It could be used both to help select a topic for a substantial paper and for more detailed research once a topic is chosen.

Ontology of Cyberspace: Philosophy, Law, and the Future of Intellectual Property K 1401 K64 2000
For those interested in the philosophical underpinnings of cyber law, this slim book includes chapters on the legal ontology of intellectual property and cyberspace and a concluding chapter includes sections such as "applied metaphysics, the common law, and technological change." It contains limited references to cases and statutes but could be helpful for anyone writing about the philosophy behind cyber law.

Rules of the Road for the Information Superhighway: Electronic Communications and the Law KF 2765 L44 1996
This work covers nearly all aspects of electronic communications ranging from commercial transactions to e-mail in the workplace to e-mail use by lawyers to communicating with government agencies. Footnotes provide references to relevant cases, statutes and related material. It would be a good source to consult for those concentrating on the communications aspect of cyber law.

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