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Certificate in International Trade & Business Law

MLS StudentsThe MLS with a Certificate in International Trade and Business Law is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to understand current developments in the areas of international trade and commercial law. The implementation of the World Trade Organization Agreements, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the "Mercosur" common market, the negotiations aimed at the establishment of a "Free Trade Area of the Americas," the negotiation and conclusion of numerous regional trade agreements by the United States and other nations, and a significant increase in investor state disputes, have produced a complex web of international agreements, rules, regulations and international arbitral decisions. Whether you work for or own a small or large business, this program will help you understand the complexities of international trade law, international commercial law and international investment.


A. Required Courses


B. Additional Elective Courses

Electives may be taken from among the following courses; other courses may be taken to satisfy the necessary unit requirements upon the approval of the adviser. A typical course load will include several additional international courses and a number from the domestic law list in order to reach the 30 unit requirement for the degree. Most courses listed are offered only once per academic year, and some are not offered every year.


International law courses:



U.S. Domestic Law courses:



In addition to these upper level courses, with consent of the adviser a candidate may take a first year course (e.g., contracts, property, civil procedure, constitutional law, or torts)


C. Additional Electives

Fulfill the remaining units required for completion of the degree with elective courses chosen from those offered by Arizona Law or, with permission of your advisor, by another University of Arizona department or school.

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