Mon Sep 22 2014   

Certificate in Tax Law & Policy

MLS StudentThe College of Law has built a strong tax program in cooperation with the business tax scholars and educators in the Eller College of Management. The certificate in Tax Law and Policy is for those whose work, either in business or government, involves compliance with tax laws, or the formulation of effective tax policy.



A. Required Courses (7 units)


B. Additional Elective Course Requirements (15 units)

Complete at least nine (9) units in substantive courses from the following list:


Complete at least six (6) units in substantive courses from the following list:,



C. Additional Electives (8 units)

Fulfill the remaining units required for completion of the degree with elective courses chosen from those offered by Arizona Law or, with permission of your advisor, by another University of Arizona department or school.

Updated: 07/02/2013