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Description of MLS

General MLS, Specialized Certificates, and Self-Designed Concentrations

MLS Students


MLS students may choose to pursue a general MLS degree, to concentrate in a specific area through a specialized certificate program, or pursue a self-designed program in their area of interest.









MLS Certificate Programs include the following:



Self-Designed MLS Concentrations might emphasize coursework in any of the following specialty areas:



Broad Menu of Course Options

MLS Students will be able to choose classes from the full range of classes offered at Arizona Law as well in other schools or departments at the University of Arizona. Please note that not all of the elective courses listed below are offered every year. Required courses will be offered every year.


Degree and Curriculum Advising

Upon acceptance to the MLS Program, students will be assigned an MLS degree advisor. The advisor will assist you in choosing an MLS concentration, if any, and in selecting your courses. You will be matched with a faculty member or administrator with expertise in your chosen area of concentration. We strongly urge you to take advantage of the expertise of your advisor so you make the most of the choices available to you in crafting your menu of courses.


Flexible Enrollment Options

Students may choose to pursue the MLS on a full-time or part-time basis. Whether you opt for the full-time or part-time program, you can begin your studies in the fall or spring.


Full-Time Program
Full-time students will complete their degree requirements in two consecutive semesters in one academic year. Full-time course work typically includes completing 15 -17 units a semester.


Part-Time Program
The part-time MLS program accommodates working professionals who cannot complete their degree requirements in one academic year. Part-time MLS students must complete their degree requirements within four years of enrolling in the program.



In order to earn an MLS degree, students must complete a total of 30 units, including two required courses (which shall constitute 4 of the 30 required units):


Introduction to the U.S. Legal System(2 units)
Legal Research (2 units)


For the remaining 26 units, student may choose from a wide-range of electives, including related courses offered by other schools or departments at the University of Arizona.



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