Tue Mar 31 2015   
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New Dual Degree Program Expands Arizona Law’s International Base

The College of Law and the National University of Mongolia School of Law in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, have created a dual-degree partnership, recently formalized in a memorandum of understanding signed by the two schools.

The agreement allows students from the National University of Mongolia School of Law (NUM) to earn both a Mongolian law degree and a J.D. from Arizona Law in two years less than it would take to earn those degrees separately.

The first NUM students – Nomin Dashnyam and Nomindari Otgonbayar - are already attending Arizona Law this fall under the agreement, due to a generous scholarship from MahoneyLiotta LLC. The scholarship will help cover tuition as well as living expenses for the two students, and includes an offer of employment at MahoneyLiotta upon graduation.

“This dual degree partnership and the generous scholarship support from MahoneyLiotta represent a new model in international legal education,” said Brent T. White, Associate Dean for Programs and Global Initiatives at Arizona Law. “On the one hand, the agreement satisfies a need for attorneys trained and qualified to practice law in multiple jurisdictions - particularly in an emerging market like Mongolia. Scholarship support, on the other, opens the door to students who would not otherwise be able afford the program. It also provides a model for international law firms – and companies - to support the training of Mongolian attorneys as international lawyers.”

Dean Solongo Damdinsuren of NUM School of Law agrees, “The agreement marks the recognition of the importance of Mongolia as an emerging market and offers a valuable opportunity to our students,” he said.

“MahoneyLiotta was incorporated in Mongolia well before the resource boom, and we have always believed that developing the rule of law is more essential to Mongolia's future than developing is its natural resources,” said James Liotta, Partner at MahoneyLiotta, LLC. “We are delighted to be able to invest in the training of Mongolian lawyers - and thus the future of Mongolia - through this partnership.”

The agreement supports one of the Arizona Law’s key goals:  to expose students to the international nature of law, business, and public policy. The school maintains significant international connections through its existing LL.M. programs in international trade and indigenous people’s law and policy. The recent establishment of the J.D. with Advanced Standing program (JDAS) is also designed to grow an international student body.

Dean Marc Miller believes these connections are beneficial to Arizona students, noting that “There is inestimable value in the relationships and connections that students establish here. We want them to experience the many ways that law is global, and to develop networks and contacts that can help them practice over the course of their careers.”