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"The Data Speaks:  A Closer Look at Gun Violence" Presentation, October 17, 2013

Stanford Law Professor John Donohue III, a leading researcher on data concerning gun violence, will deliver a public lecture at Arizona Law on Thursday, October 17, 2013, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m., in the Ares Auditorium. Registration is required; to reserve a seat, sign up here or send an email to

Professor Donohue is a renowned economist and lawyer who has used large-scale statistical studies to estimate the impact of law and public policy in a range of areas, including gun control. He is a pioneer in the emerging field of empirical legal research, known not only for his data-driven studies of hot-button social issues but for his compelling and, at times, controversial, assessments of the findings.

His lecture launches the QuantLaw Program at Arizona Law. The University of Arizona is a leader in the emerging field of law and data—or “quantlaw”—which applies quantitative and statistical findings to legal problems and studies how law regulates Big Data. The QuantLaw Program features faculty members conducting cutting-edge empirical legal research and a variety of courses. Beyond teaching and research, the new QuantLaw Program addresses the growing need for law school graduates who can understand and apply quantlaw principles in their law practice and understand the legal landscape in the age of Big Data.

For more information about the QuantLaw Program, visit our website here.

Updated: 08/20/2013