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What is the SBA

The Student Bar Association serves as your student government - representing and supporting all law students during their time at the College of Law. SBA is an advocate and an outlet for our student community.

The Student Bar Association provides numerous services to students and the campus throughout the year. For 1Ls, SBA organizes student-run panels on campus life, academic planning, and the ever-daunting job search. For students looking to get involved, SBA facilitates the recognition of clubs and the distribution of travel funds.

SBA also hosts events open to law students and their families. In addition to helping organize 1L Orientation, SBA hosts the Welcome Back Picnic, Halloween Carnival, Trivia Nights, and Wellness Week. Our most highlighted event of the year is the Charity Gala - an evening in the spring semester dedicated to celebrating and supporting our campus community and law clinics.

As a completely self-funded entity, SBA requires students to pay a one-time fee of $35. In return, these dues make hosting free or affordable events for students and family members possible. Every student who has paid their dues is considered a member of the Student Bar Association and receives subsidized benefits throughout the year.

The SBA House of Delegates is comprised of 30 students (including 10-12 1Ls) elected by their peers to serve in an active, representative capacity. The SBA delegates encourage you to meet your current SBA representatives during orientation and throughout the year. We also hope you consider getting involved with SBA by becoming a small section representative. SBA is both a helpful resource and an exciting opportunity for students that you will be sure to benefit from throughout your time here at the College of Law.

Last Updated: 12/02/2014