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Your Student Bar Association is here to help you! Flag down any of the following students if you have a question or comment about anything student related. We're happy to help!


Harry Aaron, President

Sarah Malanga, Vice President

Stephanie Dugdale, Vice President

Derek Graffious, Treasurer


Nathan Curtisi, Secretary


Jayme Weber, Executive Programming Coordinator


Danielle Bello, ABA Representative

Reshma Amin, 3L Representative/Head of Merch
David Denuyl, 3L Representative
Eric Perlman, 3L Representative
Logan Rogers, 3L Representative
Cody Winchester, 2L Representative
Abraham Hamadeh, 2L Representative
Douglas Flanagan, 2L Representative
Jill Mahoney, 2L Representative
Jahna Locke, 2L Representative
Chelsea Padilla-Frankel, 1L Representative
Elizabeth Smiley, 1L Representative
Haley Terrell, 1L Representative
Jillian Andrews, 1L Representative
Leah D'Aniello, 1L Representative
Matthew Mittelstadt, 1L Representative
Nicholas Alsaka, 1L Representative
Ricardo Robinson-bours, 1L Representative
Sara Wallace, 1L Representative
Zachary Cohen, 1L Representative
Adrian Saenz, At Large and Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative
Jim Carlson, At Large and Graduate and Professional Student Council Representative
Inayat Chaudhry, At Large Representative
Mark Lohr, At Large Representative

Last Updated: 12/02/2014