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Your Student Bar Association is here to help you! Flag down any of the following students if you have a question or comment about anything student related. We're happy to help!


Jen Dang, President

Emily Ward, Vice President

Andrew Floyd, Secretary

Michael Shumway, Treasurer

Caroline Hoyt, ABA Representative
Robby Uppal, Club Representative
Brynn Gruenberg, 3L Representative
Ashley Gomez, 3L Representative
Gabe Munoz, 3L Representative
Samantha Caplinger, 3L Representative
Caylin Barter, 2L Representative
Josh Miller, 2L Representative
Saumya Kumar, 2L Representative
Chris Gast, 2L Representative
Sean Estrada, 1L Representative
Chris Hicks, 1L Representative
Jordan Peagler, 1L Representative
Chris Boutillier, 1L Representative
Rudy Padilla, 1L Representative
Alla Goldman, 1L Representative
Nicole Riley, 1L Representative
Katie Sullivan, 1L Representative
Josh Furman, 1L Representative
Melissa Shingles, 1L Representative
Ari Kerr, At Large Representative
Eddie Walneck, At Large Representative
Krishan Banwait, At Large Representative
Doug Brelsford, At Large Representative

Last Updated: 10/10/2011