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Bacon Immigration Law Program

What is the Travel Fund

Students wishing to attend moot court competitions, national or regional conferences or any other academic-related expenditure should apply to the Student Bar Association for travel funds. Here is an example of applying for funding:


  1. Apply to the Student Bar Association for funding using the Travel Fund Application by the appropriate deadline. You MUST APPLY for funding BEFORE you travel. SBA and the Law College Association cannot give travel fund grants to those who have already traveled. This is a change from previous years.
  2. Receive dollar amount allocated to you by Student Bar Association from the Treasurer. This is typically done via email to the applicant.
  3. Travel to event. Save receipts.
  4. Give receipts, as well as SBA allocated amount to Ms. Cruz in Administration.


The money distributed is from a fund set up by the Law College Association. The SBA executes and allocates these funds based on:

Last Updated: 10/10/2011