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Faculty Scholarships


LLM candidates will have an opportunity to take international and domestic law courses offered by professors Boris Kozolchyk and David A. Gantz, other members of the College of Law faculty and, under appropriate circumstances, non-legal courses in other university departments. Law courses and seminars that have been available in recent semesters or planned that are likely to be of interest to LLM candidates include:


Antitrust Law discusses the laws that govern and regulate trade and competition within the United States, with considerable discussion of the economics and public policy considerations, and conflict problems with foreign jurisdictions. (Ratner)


Corporate Finance studies the legal problems involved in financing corporate growth through various types of public borrowings, equity financings, etc. (Sepe)


Business Organizations (Corporations) discusses the laws and policies affecting various business associations (partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations) in the United States, including issues of shareholder rights, management and control and requirements for publicly held companies. (Sjostrom, Orbach)


Environmental Law analyzes the laws of the United States relating to protection of the environment, including the major statutory schemes, overlapping jurisdiction of the federal government and the states, and related policy issues. (Engel)


European Union Law discusses the institutions and legal structure of the Eropean Union; functions of the Commission, Council and European Parliament; European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance; relationship of the European Union to other nations and to the GATT/WTO; with comparisons drawn to NAFTA and to the U.S. Constitutional System. (Butler)


Immigration Law consists of a study of the laws and procedures governing immigration into the United States, deportation and related procedures, with emphasis on immigration issues affecting the Southwest.  (Silverman)


Intellectual Property courses analyze the laws of the United States relating to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property, including problems relating to infringement, piracy and enforcement in general.  Certain specialized IP courses use specific transactions to illustrate the practical issues that arise in licensing and protecting intellectual property both in the U.S. and abroad.


International Commercial Transactions covers the history of commercial transactions; the Convention on the International Sale of Goods and other international commercial agreements; commercial letters of credit; and legal aspects of transportation documentation in the U.S., Mexico and elsewhere.


International Environmental Law  analyzes the expanding legal processes leading to regional and international regulation of the human environment, including the sources of international environmental law, regional and international efforts to protect the global commons, protection of endangered species, as well as cross-border pollution and efforts to deal with such problems, with particular emphases on the United States-Mexico border and the NAFTA instruments.  Rules regarding climate change and global warming; conflicts between protection of the environment, economic development and sustainable development; and conflicts between trade, investment and the environment are also explored.  (Gantz)


International Tax Law covers the regime of treaties designed to avoid double taxation, particularly the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canadian treaties; U.S. taxation of foreign source income; "competent authority" and other procedures to resolve jurisdictional disputes; and problems related to information exchange and cooperation among different national tax authorities. (Raby)


International Trade Law includes discussion from a legal and policy perspective of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the World Trade Organization; the North American Free Trade Agreement; U.S., Mexican and international rules on dumping, subsidies and safeguards; U.S. legislation on preferential trading regimes, export controls and other restrictions; an introduction to customs law; and basic aspects of foreign investment. (Gantz)


Public International Law discusses treaties and customary international law; international law in the United States; resolution of international disputes; states and other international entities; sovereign immunity and the act of state doctrine; state responsibility for aliens and human rights; law of the sea; jurisdiction and territory; and the use of force. (Obiora)


Introduction to the U.S. Legal System provides foreign students with an introduction to the U.S. legal system, including the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights; roles of legislative, executive and judicial branches of government; courts, case law and precedent; basics of civil procedure; federalism and the role of the states.





Trade Law Orientation (August)

Introduction to Academic Writing, Integrity and the Honor Code

Law 685 001 Introduction to U.S. Legal System

Law 603h 001 Legal Research, Writing and Analysis

Law 616 Business Organizations (Fall or Spring)

Law 697p Comparative Commercial Law  (Kozolchyk)

  Or Law 696N 001 International Commercial Transactions (Kozolchyk)

Law 698L 001 International Trade Law (Gantz)



Elective Law Course Offerings




Law 696N 009  International Environmental Law (Gantz)

Law 643P 001  International Litigation (White)

Law 603i 001 International Business and Investment Structuring (Raby)

Law 662A 001 Bankruptcy & Related Issues (Braucher)

Law 633C 001 Secured Transactions (UCC) (Boyd)

Law 658 001 Securities Regulation (Sjostrom)

Law 655R 001 Intellectual Property Law (Orbach)

Law 687 001 European Union (Butler)


Topics specific to Arizona and/or the U.S. that may interest you:


Law 669 001 Environmental Law (Engel)

Law 696N 015  Problems in Water Law and Policy (Substantial Paper Seminar) (Glennon)

Law 640 001 Public Land & Mining Law (Lacy)

Law 633D 001  Law and Entrepreneurship (Hecker)

Law 656J 001 National Security Law and Litigation (Doucette)

Law 680A 001 Mediation (Glaser)




Law 666 001 NAFTA & Regional Trade Agreement (Gantz)

Law 659 001 International Human Rights (Obiora)

Law 638 001 Real Estate Transactions (Yetwin)

Law 633C 001 Secured Transactions (Dubovec)

Law 633E 001 Mergers and Acquisitions (Sjostrom)

Law 680C 001 Mediation Advocacy (Representing Clients in Mediation) (White)

Law 680A 001 Mediation (Glaser)

Law 655P 001 Corporate Governance (Mundheim)

Law 662A 001 Bankruptcy and Related Issues (Braucher)

Law 642 001 Federal Courts (Rider)

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