In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 applicants for admission and enrolled students are advised that the requested disclosure of their Social Security number is voluntary. Students who do not provide the University with their Social Security number will be assigned a special 9 digit number. Students using this specially-assigned number may need to provide their Social Security numbers to selected university offices to receive financial aid or to comply with IRS requirements. Your Social Security number, or an assigned number, will be used: a) to identify such student records as applications for admission; b) for registration and course enrollment documents; c) to determine eligibility, certify attendance, and report student status; and d) as an identifier for grants, loans and other financial aid programs. The student's Social Security number will not be disclosed to individuals or agencies except in accordance with University of Arizona policy on student records. Use of the Social Security number as a student identification number will enable the University to comply with federal requirements mandated under IRS tax laws and the Title IV student aid legislation, and enable the University to provide the best possible service to students.