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Costs & Financial Aid


Arizona Law is committed to excellence and access in legal education. We strive to provide our students a legal education of the highest quality at competitive tuition rates for residents and nonresidents. We offer a variety of financial aid opportunities to enable students to pursue a legal education at Arizona Law, including:



The College of Law has a generous scholarship program. Admitted students are considered for merit awards as part of the admissions process; no separate application is necessary. Starting with the entering class of 2012, all merit-based scholarships are subject to a 50% reduction if the recipient is not ranked in the top 90% of the recipient's class at the end of each academic year. Certain named scholarships may have additional requirements.




Year of Matriculation # Entering with Conditional Scholarships # Whose Conditional Scholarships were Reduced or Eliminated
2012 69 0
2011 6 0
2010 13 1



*A conditional scholarship is any scholarship offer the retention of which is dependent upon the student maintaining a minimum grade point average or class standing, other than that ordinarily required to maintain in good academic standing.


Cost of Attendance


The Cost of Attendance is the University's estimate of your academic year expenses. It includes charges billed directly to you (tuition and fees), as well as an estimated budget of indirect expenses (room/board, books and supplies, travel, miscellaneous, and loan fees). Although you may be awarded financial aid up to the cost of attendance, you may choose to borrow less.


Academic Year 2014-2015


Direct Expenses

Tuition and Fees: Residents: $24,381
Tuition and Fees: Non-Residents: $29,000


Estimated Indirect Expenses

Room/Board: $12,451
Books and Supplies: $1,200
Travel: $3,595
Loan Fees: $400
Miscellaneous: $5,377


Total Estimated Indirect Expenses: $23,023


Total Direct + Estimated Indirect Expenses

Residents: $47,404
Non-Residents: $52,023


Refund Information

Information on the University's tuition and fee refund policies can be found here.

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