March 2013 Events

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» 24 25 Arizona Civil Rights Litigation Pre-Brown v Board--American Pluralism Series 26 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Hearing Faculty lunch with USCAAF 27 Decoding the Acronyms: How to Translate Indian Law PCLP Speaker Series: Operation Streamline - Spring 2013 28 Water Sustainability Speaker Series LawLawPalooza 2013! March 1 Arizona Law Board of Visitors' Meeting Environmental Breakfast Club Department of Sociology Brown Bag Series Board of Visitors & 1L Lunch Philosophy Colloquium Series 2
» 3 4 Faculty Meeting 5 6 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 7 The Honorable Michael Hawkins Visit 8 American Pluralism and Civil Rights Workshop Department of Sociology Brown Bag Series Philosophy Colloquium Series 9 Spring Recess Tucson Festival of Books
» 10 Spring Recess Tucson Festival of Books 11 Spring Recess 12 Spring Recess 13 Spring Recess 14 Spring Recess 15 Spring Recess 16 Spring Recess
» 17 Spring Recess 18 A Conversation with Bob Mundheim/Rob Evans, Shearman & Sterling 19 20 Registration/Clinics Information Session Part 2 Program in Criminal Law & Policy: Jeffrey Fagan, Prof. of Law & Epidemiology, Columbia University 21 Spring 2013 Philosophy Colloquium Series Faculty Enrichment with Jeff Fagan Darrow K. Soll Memorial Criminal Law and Justice Lecture 22 Philosophy Colloquium Series Student Bar Association Gala 23
» 24 25 26 Passover begins at sunset March 25, ends April 2 Faculty Enrichment with Larry Backer 27 LWA Auction The ABC's of Practice in Arizona Tribal Courts A Conversation with Bob Mundheim/Tim Flynn, former CEO of KPMG and a director of WalMart & JP Morgan Public Lecture with Larry Kramer 28 Faculty Enrichment with Larry Kramer 29 Department of Sociology Brown Bag Series Faculty Enrichment with Dave Levine 30
» 31 April 1 2 3 A Conversation with Bob Mundheim/Brandon Becker, General Counsel of TIAA-CREF 4 AJICL 30th Anniversary Celebration at the National Law Center 5 Environmental Breakfast Club International Law Conference Department of Sociology Brown Bag Series American Pluralism Series: Serving Veterans Law & Data Program: Information Session Admissions Preview Weekend - Dean's Reception 6 Admissions Preview Weekend - Events