February 2014 Events

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» 26 27 Mindful Mondays: Start Your Week with Calm 2nd Annual Tribal Lands Conference: The Cobell Settlement Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations Monday Morning View Faculty Enrichment with Prof. Jason Kreag 28 A Conversation with Gabriel Galanda Tuesday Faculty Lunch with Prof. Simone Sepe Introduction to the Patent Registration Exam 29 Communications Group Meeting Lunch in Indian Country CLE: Tribal Casinos, Gaming and Land into Trust Faculty Enrichment with Prof. Shun-Ling Chen PCLP Speaker: Malena Acosta talking on Arson Immigration Law Student Association Meeting Federal Work Study and Financial Aid Overview & Application Process 30 Richard Grand Writing Competition Awards Luncheon Faculty Enrichment with Prof. Sungjoon Cho "Preparing Your Bar Application and Character & Fitness Report" Lunchtime Learning : Picking a Paper Topic Federal Work Study and Financial Aid Overview & Application Process Little Colorado River: Failure of the Settlement & The Triumph of Social Media 31 'Saving the Neighborhood' Conference 60 Minutes from Indian Country February 1
» 2 3 Mindful Mondays: Start Your Week with Calm Monday Morning View 4 5 Communications Group Meeting A Look at TOR! (more than just the dark web) PCLP Speaker: Leo Masursky on Gang-related Crimes 6 Naturalization Ceremony Faculty Enrichment with Prof. Hari Osofsky Lunchtime Learning: Federal Legislative History Refresher Civil Justice Program Inauguration featuring Thomas V. Girardi 7 14th Annual Sonoran Desert Public Sector Career Fair Environmental Breakfast Club - Speaker: Professor Carol Rose 8
» 9 10 Mindful Mondays: Start Your Week with Calm Monday Morning View ILSA Burrito Sale! Faculty Enrichment - Professor Paul Bennett 11 Tuesday Faculty Enrichment - Prof. Jody Kraus FJLA Featuring Rita Meiser and Scott Myers discussing client use of reproductive technology. For 1Ls - Core Competencies in the Workplace:Hit the Ground Running - LUNCH! Briefing on the upcoming World Conference on Indigenous Peoples 12 Latino Law Student Association: Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread) Sale! Communications Group Meeting Scholarship Luncheon PCLP Speaker: Kellie Johnson PCAO 13 BLSA Speaker Series - "Schoolhouse to Jailhouse: The School to Prison Pipeline" Faculty Enrichment - Professor Deven Desai Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Meeting Lunchtime Learning: Online Resume and Professional Marketing Tools 14 AJD Meeting: New Dual Degree Programs for Non-US Lawyers 15
» 16 17 Mindful Mondays: Start Your Week with Calm Monday Morning View Running Club - Organizational Meeting SALDF: Blackfish Screening 18 BLSA Speaker Series - "The Era of Trayvon: Understanding Stand Your Ground Laws" FJLA Speaker: Victoria Kline - Families separated due to deportation. "A Conversation With Matt Muehlebach" 19 Communications Group Meeting PCLP: Going Undercover as an Attorney: Inside Operation Greylord USCIS Ombudsman's Meeting on Combatting Human Trafficking Lecture by Terry Hake, Prosecutor in Operation Graylord Law student reception with Special Advisor to DHS 20 Lunchtime Learning: Navigating USA Jobs 21 Havajo-Hopi Water Rights and Indigenous Human Rights Workshop and Forum 22 Components of Contemporary Law practice for Native American Societies and Clients
» 23 24 Mindful Mondays: Start Your Week with Calm Monday Morning View 25 BLSA Speaker Series - "60 Years After Brown v. Board: African Americans in Education" CIA: Opportunities in National Clandestine Service 26 Communications Group Meeting PCLP: Southwest Center for Law and Policy 27 Maricopa Bar - Info & Pizza Health Law in Tucson with Roger N. Morris of Quarles & Brady Lunchtime Learning : Practitioner Panel, Researching in Real Life SALDF Speaker - Companion Animals: Federal, State & Local Laws Lunch in Indian Country CLE: State-Tribal Courts Arizona Law Info Session 28 "Humanities, Medicine and Wellness" Campus Conference 60 Minutes from Indian Country March 1