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Faculty Scholarships

Types of Cases

 Child Protection. Clinic students provide independent legal representation to children who are the subjects of child protection proceedings [Dependencies] in the Pima County Juvenile Court. The Clinic also provides legal representation to teenage parents in Juvenile Court cases involving their dependent children.

Contested Order of Protection, Clinic students provide representation to adults and teenagers in contested order of protection hearings to ensure that the order is upheld without modifications that pose a risk to the safety of the victim-survivor.

Victim Representation, Clinic students provide representation pursuant to the Arizona Victim's Bill of Rights to aid child or adult victims in asserting their rights during the criminal prosecution of their abusers in criminal domestic violence or child abuse cases.

Divorce and Child Custody, Clinic students provide legal advice and help with completing appropriate family law legal forms. The Clinic students may be able to provide short-term limited legal representation in custody disputes.

Minor Emancipation, Clinic students provide legal advice and information to minors about emancipation under Arizona law.

Special Education. Clinic students provide legal advice to parents and foster parents regarding children with special education needs.

How to schedule an appointment:
The clinic is open when classes are in session at the College of Law. Generally, the Clinic is open September 1st through November 30th, and January 30th through April 30th.
The Clinic is closed from April 30th to September 1st over the summer break.
To schedule an intake appointment contact 520-626-5232.



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