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Immigration Law Clinic

Immigration Consultation Clinic

About the Consultation Clinic

Working in pairs and under the direct supervision of an attorney, all students in the Immigration Law Clinic interview and provide advice to unrepresented, low income immigrants.  Priority is given to people in removal proceedings before the Tucson Immigration Court, but when time slots are available, we also advise individuals affirmatively seeking immigration benefits or seeking to determine what options may be available to them under immigration law.

A typical consultation lasts about two hours and includes a thorough intake and explanation of options. However, in a few cases each semester, two- or four-unit students follow up with additional interviews, research, and sometimes, referrals to pro bono lawyers or nonprofit agencies.

Low income immigrants often benefit tremendously by learning of their options, their chances of success, other resources available to them, and ways in which they may be able to defend themselves against deportation or obtain immigration benefits.  At the same time, students gain valuable exposure to a variety of personalities, cultures, scenarios, and immigration issues.  They also get the chance not only to navigate the immigration statutes and regulations, but also to develop skills and practices in interviewing, counseling, decision-making, and other areas that will serve them in whatever field of law they ultimately decide to practice.

Success Stories

Here are some examples of successful outcomes from the Consultation Clinic:


Contact Us

Consultations take place on Wednesday evenings February through April and September through November.  We are closed summers and during winter break.  To schedule a consultation, please contact Clinic Administrator Bertha Fresquez at 626-5232.
If you are in removal proceedings, we will need a copy of your “Notice to Appear,” (the document explaining why the government believes you may be deported) before scheduling a consultation.

Locate Us

All consultations with the Immigration Consultation Clinic take place at Rountree Hall at the College of Law, 1145 N. Mountain Avenue, on the southwest corner of Mountain and Helen.

Parking permits for the small lot just north of the building are available from the Clinic administrator.



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