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Legal Writing

ABA National Appellate Advocacy CompetitionTeam


Coach / Faculty Contact:

Professor Susie Salmon

(520) 621-8429




Must be 3L in good academic standing

Advanced Legal Writing

Advanced Appellate Practice / Fegtly 2L Moot Court Competition


Team Selection:

The College of Law fields two teams for this competition. Team members are selected the previous spring during the Fegtly 2L Moot Court Competition, which is part of the Advanced Appellate Practice course. The six students with the highest combined brief and oral argument scores after the semi-final round of the competition become members of the two teams.


Competition Timeline:

Key dates and deadlines for the 2014-15 competition:

*Entry Deadline: October 31, 2014

*Problem Distributed: November 3, 2014

*Electronic Briefs Due: January 6, 2015

*Regional Competition Dates: February 19-21, 2015; February 26-28, 2015; March 5-7, 2015 *National Finals (Chicago): April 9-11, 2015


Academic credit:

Three units (one unit in fall; two in spring)



Periodic meetings during fall semester; oral-argument practices two to three times weekly (including possible weekend sessions) during spring semester leading up to regional competition



The College of Law pays reasonable travel expenses for Jessup participants to attend the regional round of the competition. Please consult Student Reimbursement Checklist for guidelines on required documentation, expense limitations, and procedures for reimbursement.


Competition Website:

Click Here


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