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Legal Writing

Student Seeking Reimbursement


Before submitting your request for reimbursement please make sure you have all the materials necessary to allow us to reimburse you as timely as possible.


Cover memo, Conference brochure and original itemized receipts are due to Jennifer Kruse no later than 20 business days* after the last day of your conference or event. Tell us how the event benefited their studies or professional life.


All students are responsible for their own expenses and will only be able to request reimbursement for their own expenses. Do not pay for someone else's expenses.


What to submit in order to be reimbursed:


Cover memo with the following information

-Your name

-Your social security number

-Your home mailing address

-Your email address

-The name, dates and location of the conference you attended

-The business purpose for attending the conference

-The name of the club or organization that is reimbursing you

-Sign the memo


Conference Brochure



Original itemized receipts

A valid receipt will have:

An itemized list of what was purchased

The amount of the purchase

The date(s) of the purchase

The name of the vendor and the business purpose of the purchase


A credit card slip is not a valid receipt by itself.


Airline receipts - When purchasing tickets via the internet, the confirmation and receipt must indicate the name of the traveler, itinerary and show payment method.


Lodging Receipts - Lodging must be with a commercial establishment. The original itemized receipt is required, showing the establishment's name, address, telephone number, the dates of lodging, daily room charges and single room rates if more than one person is occupying the room. A credit card receipt is not acceptable alone.


Meals - Must obtain original itemized receipts. Alcohol is not reimbursable and will be deducted from receipt.


Rental Vehicles - Submit the original rental agency statement showing the dates of use and total cost. If you have questions about reimbursement please see Jennifer Kruse in room 201G or email her at



*Financial Services Office may reduce the number of days you have to submit your reimbursement request in order to meet end of fiscal year deadlines. Revised 4/11/2012

Updated: 09/06/2012