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There are both field and classroom components.  The field component involves working with a judge and the judge's staff, and consists of research and writing projects and observation of courtroom and in-chamber activities.  Students are required to work a minimum of 100 hours in their placements.  Placements are available with courts such as the U.S. District Court, Arizona Court of Appeals (Division Two), Pima County Superior Court, Pima County Justice Court and Tucson City Court.  Placements are also available with courts outside of Tucson, particularly in Phoenix with the District Court and Superior Court.


 The classroom component consists of a maximum of three classes, and provides the opportunity to share experiences and learn more about judicial decision-making and court operations.  In addition to class meetings, students will have one or two conferences with the professor to talk about their field work


Required reading is the book, Doing Justice, by Judge Robert Satter.  There are multiple copies of the book on reserve in the law library.

Course Format


Written Assignments

There are two written assignments B (1) a report concerning material in Doing Justice, and (2) a reflection paper at the end of the field work.  

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

The course is Pass/Fail. Students obtain a pass by (1) Attending classes and conferences, (2) satisfactorily completing written assignments, and (3) satisfactorily completing the field work with the court (based on an evaluation form completed by the judge at the conclusion of the clerkship).  

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