Course - Law
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This course (or seminar) will explore some of the major corporate governance issues confronting public corporations in the United States today. The course (or seminar) will explore the techniques being developed to assure that corporate management properly serves the goals of the corporation and its shareholders.  It will examine in depth the definition of corporate objectives, the role of the board of directors and board committees, the process for electing boards and holding them accountable, and the role of lawyers in the governance process. 


Materials will be prepared by the professor. 

Course Format

The course will be a modest amount of lecture and largely discussion. There will be opportunity for group collaboration and substantial student participation.

Written Assignments

There may be short written assignments in conjunction with student presentations.

Type of Exam

The exam will be essay and to be taken in class.

Basis for grading

The grade will be based on the written exam, with a possibility of raising the grade through consistent, superb class participation.

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