Course - Law
Prerequisites: Students wishing to write a substantial paper must be concurrently enrolled in Advanced Economic Torts (695n), the 2-credit section of this course. 
Recommended Courses: Torts II is strongly recommended. 
In Advanced Economic Torts, students will study current issues about how economic torts should be structured.  The course will begin with an examination of the proposed Restatement (Third) of Economic Torts, which will rewrite the recommended law.  Students will then study a number of commentators view on issues important to economic torts.  In particular, students will study the economic loss rule in the United States and Europe; principles of recovery in economic tort; liability of multiple actors; and the intersection of economic and dignitary torts.  Students will attend the Economic Torts conference at the University of Arizona and hear some of these commentators recommend directions that the tort law should take.  Students will then begin to critically evaluate these recommendations, ultimately presenting their own views about whether one or more recommendations were persuasive.      
The purpose of this course is to increase student understanding of the economic torts and the policies that underlie them, to engage students with complex materials, and to teach students to analyze these materials and present their views orally and in print.
Substantial Paper:  Classes for Advanced Economic Torts 695n and meetings to discuss drafts.
Dobbs and Bublick, Economic and Dignitary Torts, and handouts
Course Format Seminar/Discussion 
Written Assignments 10-page essay which may involve independent research. 
Type of Exam None 
Basis for grading Students will be graded on class participation (15%), a presentation that is up to 30 minutes in length (25%) and a 10-page essay that analyzes an economic torts subject and incorporates what they have learned from the course readings (60%). Students are also required to attend at least 8 hours of the law school's Economic Torts conference on March 3rd and 4th. Substantial Paper: Students will be graded on a 30-page research paper (75%) and a 30-45 minute presentation (25%). 
Additional Comments

Students who sign up for 696n and 695n will be required to meet all of the requirements of both courses.

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