CourseProperty Social Justice and Environment(Substantial Paper) - Law 696n
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Units 2 -
Prerequisites: Property 
Recommended Courses: Environmental Law 
Overview Private property is sometimes cast as the villain in social and environmental problems, but sometimes as the solution to the same problems.   This seminar will explore the relationship of property to social and environmental concerns in the context of several past and present controversies over property rights.  Topics will include racially restrictive covenants; private and especially "gated" communities; land titling programs in less developed areas; the "takings" question in relationship to the environment; the expansion of property rights in intellectual endeavors; and several types of environmental property rights, e.g. conservation easements, private wildlife rights, tradable emission permits and habitat trading programs, and community ownership of forests and other natural resource bases. 
Materials Duplicated materials. Some of the readings will also be found in Ellickson, Rose, and Ackerman, "Perspectives on Property Law". 
Course Format Discussion 
Written Assignments Students opting to write a research paper will receive 3 credits. Students are required to find topic acceptable to the teacher, submit outline and bibliography, present ideas in class, and write a minimum of 2 drafts. All seminar participants will be expected to turn in brief questions and/or comments on readings of the week. When student papers are presented, other students will be assigned as commentators. 
Type of Exam Students opting to take the exam will receive 2 credits. The exam will be a take-home exam, consisting of a reading on which the student will comment, using materials from the seminar. 
Basis for grading Performance on written work, class participation as tie-breaker. 
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