Course - Law

Either the patent law class or a technical background and at least some general familiarity with the patent process.

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The course addresses patentable subject matter, the parts of the patent application, claim drafting, the administrative process of licensing patents and litigating patent validity,  infringement, business property aspects of patents, and litigation from the trial through the appellate level.  The course also addresses the Patent Code of Professional Responsibility.  This course will instruct students in all aspects of patent applications.  It would build on the theoretical concepts covered in Patent Law and involve both analysis of sample (existing) patent applications and drafting of new ones.  The key elements of patent applications will be emphasized and detailed examination of the requirements of a successful patent application undertaken.

Course Format

Students will gain experience in analyzing existing patent applications and the drafting of new applications.  The class will provide students with a hands-on experience in performing the tasks that patent attorneys perform on a daily basis. 

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam  
Basis for grading

Class attendance and participation is required. Basis for grading will be active participation in class and satisfactory and timely completion of any out of class assignments.           

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