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Prerequisites: A student who wishes to write on an advanced topic must have completed and received a grade in the basic course. For example, a student who wishes to write on a topic in antitrust, corporations, or economic analysis of law should have already satisfactorily completed the relevant course. Students with advanced degrees or background in the relevant fields may take the seminar simultaneously with the basic course. 
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The goal of this annual seminar is to offer a group of five (5) students an opportunity to write potentially publishable papers while acquiring an in-depth understanding of particular legal or regulatory issues.  General writing topics for this seminar include business law, antitrust, regulation, and economic analysis of law. 
Course Format The seminar will convene every other week for the entire academic year. In meetings, we will discuss research and writing strategies. First meetings will be dedicated to the choice of research topic and the framing of research questions. With the exception of the first meetings, in most meetings, at least one student will present a certain aspect of his or her research, such as the topic, the research questions, existing literature, outline, and specific arguments. Class feedback will help each student to think about his or her topic and arguments. In preparation for each meeting, each student will meet with Prof. Orbach every other week to discuss his or her progress. 
Written Assignments Papers written for this seminar could meet the College’s substantial paper requirement or could be written in addition to such a substantial paper. Qualified papers will be distributed as working papers of Arizona Legal Studies Working Paper Series (see Those papers submitted in satisfaction of the substantial paper requirement will meet the requirement of three drafts and an oral presentation. In any event, each student will submit several drafts and make frequent oral presentations. 
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Additional Comments
Interested students should apply by April 14, 2006.  Applications should include:
-   A short personal statement (up to one page) that describes the student’s general background and fields of interest for writing (no need to provide a defined topic for a paper);
-  Resume;
-  Transcript.
Enrollment to this seminar will be based on merit and synergies in fields of interest among participating students.  Questions regarding the seminar and its requirements should be emailed to Prof. Orbach (
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