Course - Law
Recommended Courses: Constitutional Law II 
Overview This course provides an in-depth look at a current hot topic in law enforcement:  racial profiling.  As the title suggests, the course will integrate three facets of the racial profiling debate.  [1] What is the legal landscape surrounding racial profiling?  [2] To what extent is racial profiling actually practiced in the trenches and how can scholars and policymakers go about making this determination?  Finally, what are the policy implications of [1] and [2]?  Reading will include both case law and scholarship on racial profiling, including some empirical studies. 
Materials Course packet 
Course Format This class is run as a seminar, with class discussion being a major component of the course. In addition, each student will research an issue related to racial profiling and present their research to the class as a whole for discussion. This research may be expanded into a substantial paper if desired. 
Written Assignments Some short written assignments, such as reaction papers to specific reading, will be required throughout the term 
Type of Exam Take-home essay exam 
Basis for grading Students are graded on their presentation (15%), the short written assignments (10%), class participation (10%) and a final exam (65%). 
Additional Comments Consistent attendance is required. 
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