Course - Law
Prerequisites: None 
Recommended Courses: None 
Overview Most aspects of life and business are regulated. State and private organizations set rules for telecommunications, transportation, professional occupations, driving, gambling, alcohol sales and consumption, motion pictures (ratings, distribution, and exhibition), professional sports, sexual activities, and for many other fields of life and business.  Accordingly, each one of us decides on his/her own ordinary actions in light of existing regulations.  Lawyers are affected by regulations like any other members of society (and more due to bar regulations).  Moreover, lawyers participate in the regulatory process, in enforcing regulations, or in challenging the validity of regulations.  This course introduces the theory and practice of regulations: the rules used by the state and private organizations to shape and direct human behavior and business conduct.   
The course materials will be posted on the course forum.
Course Format Discussion 
Written Assignments None 
Type of Exam Short essays, open-book 
Basis for grading 100% exam 
Additional Comments No background in economics is needed. This course complements the course “Law & Economics” that is focused on the economic analysis of basic legal fields, such as contracts, property, torts and criminal law.  The courses are independent of each other and each one can be taken individually. 
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