CourseImmigration Law - Law 620
Instructor Andy Silverman   View Faculty Page
Units 3 - Graded


Recommended Courses:  

A study of the law policies and procedures concerning immigration (e.g., non-citizen classifications dealing with non-immigrants and legal permanent residents) and removal (i.e., inadmissibility and deportation).  Methods of statutory construction are stressed. 


Immigration and Citizenship:  Process and Policy (Thomson/West) and its yearly statutory and regulatory supplement.

Course Format

Lecture and discussion. 

Written Assignments

Reflection papers on the outside activities and possibly papers around some hypothetical problems.

Type of Exam

A final essay exam is given in which students can bring with them the casebook and statutory/regulatory supplement plus their class notes and outline they prepare.

Basis for grading

Final exam and any required papers.

Additional Comments

Students thinking of participating in the Immigration Law Clinic should take this course.

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