Course - Law
Prerequisites: None 
Recommended Courses: None 
This course will examine issues particularly relevant to employees working for state, federal, and local governments and governmental agencies.   This group includes an enormous number of people, including public school teachers, public university employees, government lawyers, policymakers, clerical workers, and so on.  The course will examine specific constitutional and statutory protections and obligations that apply to public workers at all three governmental levels. 
The course will address four general areas:  First Amendment (including free speech, religious establishment or free exercise issues, and freedom of association issues); privacy (drug testing; searches of offices; e‑mail privacy (or not), and related concerns); Fourteenth Amendment (citizenship requirements); and labor law‑related issues (organizing, collective bargaining, unions and employers; often relating back to First Amendment issues).
No prior employment law courses are required.  Students may take any of the 3 employment law courses (Employment Law, Employment Discrimination, and Public Employment Law) in any order. 
Materials Text T.B.A. 
Course Format Lecture/discussion 
Written Assignments  
Type of Exam Essay 
Basis for grading Final exam. Class participation taken into account in close cases. 
Additional Comments Attendance is required. 
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