Course - Law
Prerequisites: No specific courses, but basic computer literacy is needed and a high speed Internet connection is required along with an email address that accepts attachments up to 2 MB. 
Recommended Courses:  
Overview This course surveys law office practice and administration including law office and courtroom technology.  Approximately one-half of the class will be conducted online. 
Materials Online free publications from various sources will be posted on the class website or distributed via email. 
Course Format Lectures and Presentations on Law Office Management by practicing attorneys, online lecture and discussion, group collaboration on projects and student presentations. 
Written Assignments Several short papers may be required. 
Type of Exam Take-home 
Basis for grading Grading will be based upon the quality of the individual student's online participation and upon class projects done outside of class. 
Additional Comments Attendance at Visitors' presentation is mandatory. 
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