Course - Law
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This course focuses on studying different legal traditions as a springboard for asking fundamental questions about the nature of law, and the ways in which it may (or may not) differ in different societies. 


The course is designed for the novice and expert alike.  LLM students are especially welcome.

We will study mixed jurisdictions, civil law, and compare each with the US legal system, or the common law tradition.  We will look at the history, culture, distribution, court systems, legal education and professions, sources of law, and procedural law of the civil law tradition, with particular emphasis on Latin America.


Rudolph B. Schlesinger, et al., "Schlesinger's Comparative Law," 7th edition, ISBN-13-9781587785917

Course Format


Written Assignments

If student chooses to write a paper in lieu of the exam

Type of Exam

final exam or paper presentation

Basis for grading

Class participation will count as 25% of your grade. Standard grading practices apply to the final exam or method of testing you choose, i.e., paper.

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