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Overview This course will examine the development and structure of common interest developments and the Neighborhood and Homeowners Associations that govern them. Topics to be examined will explore the legal, sociological and economic implications of private common interest developments which exist independently of public forms of local government. During the course of the seminar, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of common interest communities, including management by nonprofessional boards of directors and/or professional management companies; interpretation of the Code of Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs);the relationship between the HOA and its members compared to the constitutional and statutory protections afforded citizen of public entities; the relationship between residents and the lawyers retained by the HOA; development and enforcement of architectural and esthetic guidelines; problems of foreclosure and other remedies for recovery of financial obligations; homestead exemptions; protection of civil rights; enforcement of fines and penalties and other topics drawn from the syllabus and course book which contain many other potential topics. 
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