Course - Law
Prerequisites: Co-requisites: Corporate Tax, Law & Entrepreneurship, or Intellectual Property Transactions (student will be required to take at least one of these courses). 
Recommended Courses:  
This course is the second in a two-part series.  The course will involve students from Entrepreneurship Practicum I simulating partners in a mock law firm and advising the entrepreneurship teams involved in the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program.  Students will develop skills in areas that may include the following: (1) development of business plans and founders agreements; (2) incorporation and capitalization of a company, including their tax implications; (3) identification and protection of intellectual property, including intellectual property that protects inventions (e.g., patents, trade secrets) and intellectual property that support marketing strategies (e.g., trademarks); and (4) business negotiations strategy and technology licensing.  The experience law students gain through the course will make them uniquely qualified for positions in high-technology sectors and work representing small start-up companies generally upon graduation.

Xeroxed materials

Course Format seminar 
Written Assignments Presentation to McGuire entrepreneurship teams on legal issues pertinent to establishing and growing a start-up company 
Type of Exam none 
Basis for grading Pass/fail based on written and oral assignments and class participation.  
Additional Comments

This course will be limited to five students who also commit to take Entrepreneurship Law Practicum II (2-3 units) in the fall semester; instructor permission is required before a student can enroll.

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