Course - Law
Prerequisites: None 
Recommended Courses: Federal Indian Law I (631 a) 

This seminar, limited to twenty students, will explore the legal history of racism in the post-colonial and post-modern West from critical race and post-colonial theoretical and practice-oriented clinical perspectives. This seminar will focus on the difficulties in defining and understanding the meanings of the term  “race;” the nature of “racism” and racial oppression; theories of racial formation; the differing implications of colonization and immigration; the formation of stereotypes; unconscious racism; the gendered and sexualized nature of race and theories of racial identity. Paper topics will be assigned by the instructor, in consultation with the student.


Race and Races,Cases and Resources for a Diverse America (2nd Edition) by Perea, Delgado, Harris, Stefancic and Wildman

Course Format The class will be in the nature of a graduate seminar format. Students will be asked to make regular presentations on the assigned readings, progress reports on the research for their papers and formal presentations of their papers.  
Written Assignments Graded papers and assignments  
Type of Exam  
Basis for grading Class participation, graded papers and assignments  
Additional Comments

Seminar only, no substantial paper option.  2 unit graduate seminar-type course with graded paper/s, assignments, open to JD, LLM and AISP MA and Ph.D students.  Limit of 20 students.

Students who are not comfortable with or who are offended by frank, open or politically incorrect discussion about issues of race and racism and their intersection with issues of gender, class and sexual orientation should not take this seminar.  Students who are unable to devote on average nine to ten hours weekly to self-directed reading, digesting, analyzing and critiquing the assigned and supplemental class readings, in addition to the required writing assignments, also should not take this seminar.  Students who have difficulty meeting deadlines should definitely not take this seminar, which has a zero-tolerance policy for missed assignments and absences from scheduled classroom meetings

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