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This course analyzes the regulation, structure and financing of the health care industry. Major, overlapping areas of coverage include: an introduction to the health care insurance industry, including an overview of private (e.g., Blue Cross & Blue Shield) and public insurers (e.g., Medicare and Medicaid); the organization and structure of health care institutions, including licensure and accreditation standards; increasing access to health care through a single payer system; managing employee/employer relationships in the health care setting; patient privacy (e.g., HIPAA and related state laws); and the regulation of billing practices, including issues related to the False Claims Act and the Stark anti-kickback laws.  


Barry R. Furrow, et. al., The Law of Health Care Organization and Finance (6th ed.). 

Course Format

Lecture and discussion

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

3 hour closed book exam

Basis for grading

Exam/Paper. Students are expected to attend class.  Up to 4 absences will be allowed.  If students miss more than four classes, they are subject to being withdrawn from the class.  A borderline grade can be raised for quality class participation.

Additional Comments

A background in health care, medicine or science is not necessary to do well in this course. As specialized health law questions arise in almost any general corporate or litigation practice, this is an excellent course to take even if you do not intend to specialize in health law.  The course is indispensable for anyone who anticipates working for a hospital, any health care provider, any government health-related program or any health insurer. 

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