Course - Law

Because of the minimal subject matter overlap, students may take both this class and the White Collar Crime class offered by Dr. Neil Vance.

Recommended Courses:

Evidence, Criminal Law


This course will introduce the most commonly-charged white collar and financial crimes and the process of bringing these crimes to court. Many of the class sessions will be taught by practicing attorneys or criminal investigators.

Photocopied course materials usually posted on Forums; Current Arizona Law & Rules pamphlet. 
Course Format

Group will be divided into 3 or 4 units depending upon the number of students.  There will be group exercises on grand jury presentations, business decision making when a crime has occurred, ethical dilemmas.

Written Assignments

There are five pieces of written work for this class. Week 3, each group will determine the possible penalties for their assigned indictment and write up their conclusions in no more than 1 page. (See Forums) In Week 5, each group, using the form available on Forums, will create a plea agreement for the group’s assigned indictment. Week 7, a Sentencing Exercise is done by each group. It will require a one page comparison of potential sentencing of a white collar defendant between Arizona and one of four other states. The Case Evaluation, handed out on Week 4, and due Week 11, will require each student to evaluate a package of case-related documents, including police reports and transcripts. Based upon this material each student will write an indictment and case charging approval form, explaining why the course of action is warranted and other avenues were rejected.(Both the form for the indictment and case charging approval are in Forums.) There is no page limit, but the document is expected to be about 2-5 single-spaced pages. The Legal Advice Memo, handed out in Week 11 and due by the last day of exams, will require legal analysis of a problem in white collar crime under Arizona or federal law as assigned. There is no page limit, but the document is expected to be at least 3 pages.

Type of Exam


Basis for grading

Class participation and written projects.

Additional Comments

Attendance and participation required.

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