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Why do we criminalize certain conduct, and to what ends do we punish that conduct?   This course will examine these fundamental questions against the backdrop of our real-world criminal justice system.  Discrete areas of inquiry will include:  theories of punishment; the statutory and common law elements of major crime types, including homicide, rape, property crimes, and inchoate crimes; positive defenses, including self-defense, necessity, and intoxication; prosecutorial discretion and plea-bargaining; and—briefly—sentencing law and practices.

The course is recommended for all those interested in criminal law, particularly in the light of the expansion of criminal law into the world of business and white collar crimes.  The examination will be multiple choice, machine gradable.  The instructor, Visiting Professor Arthus B. LaFrance, has prosecuted and defended ciminal cases and published widely in the field of criminal law. 

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Multiple choice, short answer, and essay exam.

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