CoursePublic International Law - Law 670
Instructor David A. Gantz   View Faculty Page
Units 2 - Graded


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This course on public international law in theory and practice will provide an introduction to treaties and other sources of international law; international law in the United States; principal international organizations; concepts of sovereignty, statehood and territoriality; the bases for jurisdiction under international law; state responsibility; international law and the use of force; and international law and the environment.  Consideration will also be given to the importance of understanding international law for the government official, judge, private practitioner and responsible citizen. 


Casebook: Janis & Noyes, International Law—Cases and Commentary (4th ed., West, 2011) 

Course Format


Written Assignments

Final exam or term paper.

Type of Exam

Take-home Exam.

Basis for grading

Exam or paper and class participation. 

Additional Comments

Serves as a foundation for courses in international human rights law, international trade law, international litigation, international environmental law,  etc. 

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