Course - Law

Federal Indian Law I (Law Students or AIS students) or AIS 584-Development of Federal Indian Law & Policy (required for AIS students and other graduate students), or permission of instructor.

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The course emphasis will be American Indian tribal governments, tribal courts, tribal peacemaking, tribal laws, and American Indian customary law, with a special focus on Navajo common law as a case study model. Ray Austin, instructor for the course, is a retired Associate Justice of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court. 


Required Texts: Ray Austin, Navajo Courts and Navajo Common Law, A Tradition of Tribal Self-Governance (University of Minnesota Press, 2009), Marianne O. Nielsen and James W. Zion, Navajo Nation Peacemaking (University of Arizona Press, 2005), and materials to be assigned. Recommended Text (not required): Getches, Wilkinson, Williams & Fletcher, Federal Indian Law: Cases and Materials (6th ed) (students will read some cases from this text for in-class presentations).

Course Format

This will be a traditional law school course, with lecture, discussion, speakers, and in-class presentations.

Written Assignments  
Type of Exam

Final paper or papers or final exam

Basis for grading

Final paper, papers, or examination, and in-class presentations.

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