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Introduction to Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy and Related Issues, Property Transactions.


This course examines the rules governing transactions in which personal property secures repayment of a loan. This is the body of law which allows borrowers to access credit secured with consumer goods, inventory, accounts receivable or deposit accounts. Everything from such familiar transactions as car loans to lines of credit extended to businesses that sell goods or provide services as well as the rights of lien creditors such as the IRS is considered. The course focuses on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) and Arizona case law, but also examines other Articles of the U.C.C. as well as pertinent sections of the Bankruptcy Code, the Internal Revenue Code, and Arizona Revised Statutes.


Lopucki & Warren: Secured Credit, A Systems Approach (7th ed. 2011).

The students will also need to buy a Bankruptcy and Article 9, 2011 Statutory Supplement by Elizabeth Warren, ISBN: 978-0735508767.

Course Format

The course will be a combination of lecture and discussion.

Written Assignments


Type of Exam

Three-hour essay exam. Open book.  

Basis for grading

Final examination.

Additional Comments

The law of secured transactions impacts many areas of legal practice including banking, consumer protection, bankruptcy, tax, and intellectual property.

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